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5 Easy Cosplay Ideas on a Budget for Your Next Con Under $25

So, you’re thinking about going to a con, yay! If so, you’re probably also thinking, “Oh crap, that’s really soon! How am I going to have time to make a costume?” or “Oh crap, those tickets were expensive! How am I going to afford a costume?” Or, if you’re like me, probably both. Never fear,…

Cosplay 101: Small Details Make A Big Difference

What goes behind the scenes of a cosplay isn’t as simple as one may think. The making of costumes, accessories and wigs are definitely not an easy task! Cosplayers always seek out to perfect their look and that goes the same for Costume Department of the popular Hong Kong TV series, Ice Fantasy, in order to bring the drama characters to life!

How to get an awesome pair for cosplay

Imagine scoring the perfect cosplay outfit of your favourite female anime character – perharps the beautiful Hestia from the anime series ‘Danmachi’ or Nami from “One Piece” – yet you still aren’t able to pull off the alluring figure that they possess just because you weren’t born with big bosoms, WHAT A MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT. Always wonder…

Cosplayers Around the World Feature : Brittany Cox from USA

Meet Brittany Cox from USA. We first saw her amazing GLaDOS cosplay in this year’s Otaku House Cosplay Idol contest, and decided to find out more about this talented cosplayer. Brittany’s still in the running in the qualifiers, so you can also check out her entry together with the the other amazing contestants on