Author: Madao

He is the Man-who-ADores-Anime-Only, in short "Madao". Madao does everything right, follows all of the morals that Gintoki talks about, yet still ends up accomplishing nothing. He is in a perpetual midlife crisis, spurred by numerous incidents that he is dragged into for little to no reason at all. - Follow Madao on Twitter

Facebook Compromised – Clarification on nasty posts on Facebook on 4th Dec 2013. (3pm – 11pm Eastern Time)

Dear friends of Otaku House, As many of you have noticed, our facebook page was compromised earlier today (on 4th Dec 2013 3pm – 11pm Eastern Time), and some really nasty posts have been made in our name. Those posts DO NOT reflect our values and we CONDEMN all those rude posts and comments made…