15 Best Code Geass Cosplays of All Time

Code Geass is one of the most popular anime shows of all time. These cosplayers have taken their fandom to all new heights with these stunning Code Geass cosplays.




CC - Code Geass- The Wisperia

Photo Source: TheWisperia via Deviant Art

Everything is right about cosplay, and the reflective framing adds to its visual appeal. The seamlessness of the boots as they rise up her body and 3D gold accents make this C.C. cosplay stunning.


CC Code Geass EEFAI

Photo Source: eefai via DeviantArt

Just like C.C. herself, there’s a sexiness to this cosplay. Although the restraints on the straitjacket are apparent, there’s a devilishly sensuous appeal to the pose–especially with the bars that add to the captive nature of the photo.


CC Zero's Girl Cosplay

Photo Source: GarnetTilAlexandros via DeviantArt

Dark and contemplative, this C.C. looks like she has been through a lot of rough times–just like the character in Code Geass.


Dark CC Code Geass Cosplay

Photo Source: lucien-fleurier via DeviantArt

This C.C. cosplay is adventurously shot, and the lightness of her hair creates a very realistic C.C. look.

Lelouch Lamperouge


Lelouch Lamperouge Cosplay Code Geass

Photo SourceL Lestat-de-L via Deviant Art

This Lelouch cosplay sports an immensely intricate cosplay design, and the seriousness on his face are accented by highly professional looking makeup to create a unique and hyper-realistic cosplay.


Lelouch Code Geass Cosplay

Photo Source: LALAax via DeviantArt

Incredible contouring of his facial features and hair alongside a rich costume create a true-to-life Lelouch that almost looks CG.


Lelouch Cosplay

Photo Source: Your-Pain via DeviantArt

The intense, intelligent expression of this Lelouch plus custom contacts make for a naturally fitting, realistic cosplay.


Lelouch Cosplay

Photo Source: Silverx1307 via DeviantArt

Among the most ornate on this list, the gorgeous costumes really come alive on the staircase that gives to an immensely regal aesthetic to this shot.

Kallen Kozuki


Kallen Kozuki Cosplay

Photo Source: SarinaAmazon via DeviantArt

The high-quality material of this costume, perfectly shaped hair, and use of a prop weapon make this Kallen Kozuki cosplay look like it was pulled right off the screen.

Jeremiah Gottwald


Code Geass Jeremiah Cosplay

Photo Source: KoujiAlone via DeviantArt

This cosplay is more than a costume. The props and setting bring a ton of character personality to this Jeremiah Gottwald cosplay. The shiny boots and vibrant hair give it perfect finishing touches. The piece covering his eye looks high-quality and potentially custom!

Euphemia li Britannia


Euphemia Cosplay

Photo Source: Aniki-Fair via DeviantArt

Ultra-feminine and soft, this cosplay captures character appeal in her distant look and pose. The setting really brings out the pinks in the cosplay, and the flowers give it a perfect, princess touch.


Euphemia Cosplay

Photo Source: Neigeamer via DeviantArt


This Euphemia cosplay stands out for its true realism with beautiful fabrics, dusty pink hair, and soft small to capture her character.

Suzaku Kururugi and Euphemia


Suzaku and Euphemia Cosplay

Photo Source: LALAax via DeviantArt

Beautiful and regal, this cosplay has a richness that screams of royalty. Gold accents and powerful postures command attention.

Nunnally Lamperouge


Nunnally Cosplay

Photo Source: TaisiaFlyagina via DeviantArt

The large, complex costume accent  Nunnally’s flowing locks in a way that looks magical on the winter backdrop. Another great use of props!

Villetta Nu


Villetta Nu Cosplay

Photo Source: Queen-Orange via DeviantArt

There’s something about this cosplay that just screams, “I’m bad, and I know it.” The empty room and purple reflective floors perfectly complement the purple cosplay. Astoundingly tall boots and the fliar of the fabric make for an unmistakably great Villetta.


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Lelouch Lamperouge Cosplay Code Geass