Author: Tsukuyo Nin

Being the leader of the Hyakka, I devote my life to protecting the women of Yoshiwara. But sometimes I need a break too, and find pleasure in blogging for Otaku House.

Detective Galileo: Midsummer’s Equation and Suspect X Movie Marathon

Win a pair of movie tickets from Otaku House to the marathon screening of Detective Galileo: Suspect X and Midsummer’s Equation on 23 Nov 2013! You get a free movie poster and Suspect X notebook too! See our Facebook ( for more details! Read on for Detective Galileo: Midsummer’s Equation movie trailer and synopsis.

Kazuya Bunshin No Jutsu (It’s Me! It’s Me! Ore Ore Movie Review)

Fans of Kazuya Kamenashi: SCREAM. Now. Because Kamenashi Kazuya does a Kage Bunshin (Naruto reference) just for you and you can see him (lots of him) up close in the movie screens starting 24 Oct. And if you count carefully, you’ll find 33 Kamenashi Kazuya. In case that didn’t register, I repeat: 33x KAMENASHI KAZUYA!!…

Get ready: Library Wars is now on! (Movie Trailer)

When the freedom to read have been taken away, the Library Defense Team formed to protect that freedom. And all of us will understand why it is necessary to have a “Library Defense” team. Because we need strong highly-skilled badass librarians to protect those banned p*rnographic objectionable magazines and whack the senses out of those…

Forbidden Super Hero H-Kamen Movie Preview Tickets Giveaway

For better or for worse, Forbidden Super Hero is hitting town this June 27! No wait don’t go. Really, this IS a legitimate movie! And it has taken Japan by storm. Otaku House will be giving away 5 pairs of preview movie tickets to this hilarious Japanese movie based on the manga “Kyuukyoku!! Hentai Kamen”…