Renovation Sale: Prices of Swords on Offer at Otaku House

We are giving a MASSIVE 50% sale to all swords at Otaku House. Check out the unbelievable price list below. Oh we are so serious about this renovation sale. Help us share this information so that we can get the maximum exposure.

He Man Swords at discounted prices.

Incomplete List of sword prices after discount:

Prices are in Singapore Dollars. If you would like to purchase these swords but need shipping overseas, we can help you. Just send and email to help[@] and we’ll bill you manually! These prices are in Singapore dollars.

Metal Auron Beastmaster Masamune – Final Fantasy $84.50
Metal Big Buster Sword $149
Metal Byakuya Zenbonzakura – Bleach $74.50
Metal Cloud Buster (6Pc) – Final Fantasy $$249.00
Metal Cloud Buster Burgundy – Final Fantasy $84.50
Metal Double Bladed Katana $139.50
Metal Gaert Sword Guild Wars $109.50
Metal Galaxy Warrior Accented Ninja Sword $104.50
Metal Grimmjaw Zanpakuto Katana $104.50
Metal Heprion Sword Gun Type Sword – Final Fantasy $79.50
Metal Hinamori Tobiume – Bleach $74.50
Metal Hitsugaya Hyorinmaru – Bleach $74.50
Metal Hitsugaya Hyorinmaru (With Straps) – Bleach $99.50
Metal Ichigo Bankai (1.7M Long) – Bleach $119.50
Metal Ichigo Bankai (Normal) – Bleach $64.50
Metal Ichimaru Shinso – Bleach $99.50
Metal Kenpachi Zanpakuto – Bleach $84.50
Metal Key Of Dragon – Kingdom Heart $99.50
Metal Legacy Of Kain Lieutenant Raziel Sword $79.50
Metal Nanatsusaya Alexiel Holy 7 Bladed Soul Sword $94.50
Metal Oblivion Keyblade – Kingdom Heart $99.50
Metal Paine Skull Sword Of Darknes – Final Fantasy $79.50
Metal Renji Zabimaru Katana – Bleach $84.50
Metal Riku Soul Eater V.I – Kingdom Heart $89.50
Metal Rukia Sode No Shirayuki – Bleach $94.50
Metal Rurouni Kenshin Katana $34.50
Metal Seifer Almasy Insignia – Final Fantasy $84.50
Metal Sora Keyblade $69.50
Metal Soul Calibur Tainted Sword $104.50
Metal Squall Gunblade – Final Fantasy $79.50
Metal Tidus Brotherhood – Final Fantasy $79.50