Kawa, the Otaku House Tenchou

Kawa the Otaku House Tenchou

Hello everybody. I am Kawa, the tenchou of Otaku House. Not ‘kawaii’; Kawa.

I’m not a mascot. I’m the tenchou.
I’m not a Boy. I’m a C.

My virgin appearance was on the Otaku House Twitter. The Otaku House online team recommended me to do a short introduction too. So here I am; my virgin blog post.


Full Name: Tenno Kawa (天のかわ)
Homeland: Star of Canopus
Race: Canopian (Not Canopus-sy. We get that alot from the Siriusians.)
Age: Secret
Gender: Female
Occupation: Otaku House Tenchou
Likes: Food. Cosplay. Food.
Best friend: Bento kun. It prepares my food.

Bento kun came with me through The Gate from Canopus. We are currently trying to find The Gate back home.

Kawa the Canopian

That’s all about me. I’ll tell you more about how I became the Otaku House Tenchou some other day. Please follow the Otaku House Twitter (twitter.com/myOtakuHouse) where I sometimes tweet under #KawaTheOtakuHouseTenchou. If you have questions for me, please post in the comments below this page or tweet me on Twitter with the above # tag.

And join the Otaku House Cosplay Idol 2012 here. The contest rocks.

By the way, who is Ayanami Rei? People say I talk like her. Sometimes.


Bento kun and me on Twitter:

Kawa the Otaku House Tenchou on Twitter

Kawa the Otaku House Tenchou