Top 20 One Piece Cosplay

5. Dodie as “Roronoa Zoro”

Country: Philippines
My comments: Posing while on Santoryuu mode must be hard, I give you a lot of credit for managing it

Roronoa Zoro Cosplay

4. Mareike as “Emporio Ivankov”

Country: Germany
My comments: I have never seen a cosplay for the Okama Queen in both forms, this one just took the icing out of the cake!

Emporio Ivankov Cosplay

3. Magisterian Z.P as “Monkey D. Luffy”

Country: Indonesia
My comments: This photo reminds me of one of the opening videos of the series. Was it Bon Voyage?

Monkey D. Luffy Cosplay

2. Haru-chan as “Nami”

Country: Argentina
My comments: I like Nami from the timeskip. Her figure is just plain exaggerated in every arc of the series.

Nami Cosplay

1. Luis Mattioli as “Sanji”

Country: Venezuela
My comments: Topping the list is Ero-cook and the Kuro Ashi Sanji, we can only wonder what really happened to him in New Kama Land. But he looks happy in this photo, congratulations to you!

Sanji Cosplay

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