Top 20 One Piece Cosplay

10. Marulau as “Boa Hancock”

Country: Argentina
My comments: I am actually surprised that she managed to make Salome. Nice job!

Boa Hancock Cosplay

9. Tomas Rodriguez as “Brook”

Country: Argentina
My comments: Another rare cosplay and an ingenious one too! Not only did he get the skull part right, the great use of a black body suit to make the illusion that he’s just bones adds the genius touch for this cosplay

Brook Cosplay

8. Cristiana Amicozzi as “Boa Hancock”

Country: Italy
My comments: Very seductive Hancock!

Boa Hancock Cosplay

7. L. Pilskin as “Trafalgar Law”

Country: Philippines
My comments: This is a perfect depiction of Law when he is plotting something sinister

Trafalgar Law Cosplay

6. Marco Di Renzo as “Juracule Mihawk”

Country: Italy
My comments: This blown me away, perfect photo for the World’s Most Powerful Swordsman

Juracule Mihawk Cosplay

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