Top 20 One Piece Cosplay

16. biseuse as “Nico Robin”

Country: France
My comments: I will not get used to seeing Robin with a hat since the time-skip… then again, that’s her signature look.

Nico Robin / Miss All Sunday Cosplay

15. Zurdi as “Eustass Kid”

Country: Spain
My comments: Very detailed Kid cosplay, a rarity as well.

Eustass Kid Cosplay

14. yusufkun as “Sogeking”

Country: Turkey
My comments: Seems Sogeking is famous, the photo is quite good. Hope you make the timeskip version!

Usopp/ Sogeking Cosplay

13. Alex Garcia as “Trafalgar Law”

Country: Venezuela
My comments: This photo is quite good, he even included the wanted poster! I do wonder what his bounty is now since the timeskip *browses One Piece Wiki*

Trafalgar Law Cosplay

12. Saria as “Monkey D. Luffy”

Country: France
My comments: I have not played Ultimate Cruise but the costume is really good.

Monkey D. Luffy Cosplay

11. Mario Iracheta as “Monkey D. Luffy”

Country: Mexico
My comments: This is quite a laid back photo, but I guess with Luffy’s character, this is a normal occurrence

Monkey D. Luffy Cosplay

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