Cosplayers Around the World Feature : Brenda Lzieth from Mexico

This issue of “Cosplayers Around the World” brings us to Mexico and into the digital art studio of Brendaliz and her friends at Daemotion. Brendaliz calls herself a Cosplay freshman, but makes costumes and models for their art studio. Find out more about Brendaliz’s cosplay!

Brendaliz is also currently in the Otaku House Cosplay Idol 2011 competition.

“Hi there, Brendaliz Here =), I´m cosplayer from Durango México, I´m a plastic artist, and fashion designer.”


Full Name : Brenda Lzieth M
Age : 26
Gender : Female
Country / state you are born in : México, Durango
Date of Birth : March 3
Zodiac Sign : Pisces
Height : 1.65 m

Kagamine Rin or Kagamine Len? : I prefer Rin… but… they are one… so… Kagamine Twins 😀

More about Brenda

At what age did you start cosplay and how long have you been cosplaying?

I started to do Cosplay at age 24 in 2009. But due to school, I do not have a lot of leisure time to do cosplay since 2002.

What inspired you to start cosplay?

The powers of what WCS are doing in my country. For me, cosplay is a means of artistic expression and performing arts. Seeing all those Cosplay and performances made ​​me decide to make my first cosplay costume, although I did get scared and did not know which character to choose. Also I always wanted to dress like my favorite anime and manga, and that was what motivated me to press on.

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