Lots of Digimon and Pokemon Cosplay in Idol Contest!

Creativity in cosplaying Pokemon or Digimon goes a long way and for these cosplay entries, I am going to give credit and mention to those who have done their magic into some of our most beloved characters… whom in their own way, has wormed their mark into our hearts. Otaku House’s Cosplay Idol is one proof to this

It all started with 151 species, then the rest is history.

Pocket Monsters or Pokémon phenomenon

Who can forget the Pocket Monsters or Pokémon phenomenon in 1998 where fans all over the world would sing the anime’s theme song over and over in each every episode? Who can also forget that yellow mouse that zaps its owner? Up till today the phenomenon continues and from 151, its already up to 600+ and it does not stop there!

But Pokemon is not the only series that has enjoyed this popularity. Series such as Digimon and many others have been marked as well.

Will these Pokomen and Digimon cosplayer have what it takes to catch the grand prize or be included in the Finals? Stick around and stay tuned!

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