Leading 30 in Cosplay Idol Asia/Australia Album B (June 3, 2011)

It’s almost judgement day (2 more months!) and with all the ranks jumbled for the Asian and Australians in Block B of the Otaku House Cosplay Idol competition, its time to give an update on the top 30 contestants of the group. The ranking is as of June 3 2011 and they are all listed in descending order. If your magic bet is not in this list or if you want to create a massive influx of voting for one of them, vote here.

Please remember that only the Top 5 of this album will make it in the Finals this September. The Qualifying Round ends in 2 months so like we always say, anything can happen in the rankings so keep voting to determine the results!

Should you wish to join in the contest, you can click here for the mechanics. Although since each album has a particular number of contestants in it, you will be placed in a separate album so you do not have to worry about battling the contestants in this list until you guys meet in the Finals.

To those included in this list, congratulations but your work is far from over! There’s still 2 months before determining who gets to go to the Finals.

Let’s start the Top 30 for Block B, Asia/Australia Mix:


30. Matsunaga Yuuya as Shion Kaito from “Vocaloid: Setsugetsuka”

Country: Jakarta, Indonesia
My comments: Out of everyone in Vocaloid that I love, it’s the blue head Kaito. In this interpretation by Yuuya, this shows a serious side in Kaito just like in Sandplay.

Vocaloid: Setsugetsuka Cosplay - Shion Kaito

29. Paolo Aquino as Kakuzu from “Naruto: Shippuden”

Country: Bulacan, Philippines
My comments: Kakuzu just freaks me out… especially his five hearts *shivers*

Naruto: Shippuden Cosplay - Kakuzu

28. TcFang as Ranka Lee from “Macross Frontier”

Country: Malacca, Malaysia
My comments: So adorable Ranka-chan!!

Macross Frontier Cosplay - Ranka Lee

27. Chiki as Princess Serenity from “Sailor Moon”

Country: Taipei, Taiwan
My comments: I have not seen Sailor Moon for a long time so this reminded me of my childhood days… Moon Power!

Sailor Moon Cosplay - Princess Serenity

26. Bemz as Kamen Rider IXA Burst from “Kamen Rider: Kiva”

Country: Bintaro, Indonesia
My comments: Nice work on the costume! I can’t imagine how hot it is in it.

Kamen Rider Cosplay - Kamen Rider IXA Burst

25. Molly as Kamui from “Gintama”

Country: Penang, Malaysia
My comments: Not really familiar with the series but as far as the cosplay is concerned… you made me look twice! You look so handsome!

Gintama Cosplay - Kamui

24. Benjiro Erizawa as Devil Len Kagamine from “Vocaloid”

Country: Cavite, Philippines
My comments: It’s kinda hard to imagine Len as a Devil, at least I have an idea now ^^

Vocaloid Cosplay - Len Kagamine

23. Kei Kun as Lightning Farron from “Final Fantasy XIII”

Country: Manila, Philippines
My comments: Excellent display of the Gestalt blades and the expression is totally perfect

Final Fantasy XIII Cosplay - Lightning Farron

22. -niji- as Alois Trancy from “Black Butler II”

Country: Bangkok, Thailand
My comments: This is the real twin of Belphegor from KHR, just a little refine in clothing. Hahaha

Black Butler Cosplay - Alois Trancy

21. Lukai as Kiryu Zero from “Vampire Knights”

Country: Singapore
My comments: Oooh! Chains! Looks totally cool!

Vampire Knights Cosplay - Kiryu Zero

20. Eiji Suarez as Jiraiya (Sage Mode) from Naruto: Shippuden

Country: Manila, Philippines
My comments: One of the closest cosplays of Jiraiya I have ever seen

Naruto Cosplay - Jiraiya (Sage Mode)

19. Laura Cagnacci as Doll from “Kuroshitsuji”

Country: New South Wales, Australia
My comments: White and Blue totally rocks! Plus I see a Monroe and a Princess for some reason

Kuroshitsuji Cosplay - Doll

18. Bolen Lareza as a Hermitaur Armor Set from “Monster Hunter Freedom 2”

Country: Quezon City, Philippines
My comments: One of the youngest, the new generation cosplayer!

Monster Hunter Cosplay - Hermitaur Armor

17. Yuu Shomura as Dead Master from “Black★Rock Shooter”

Country: Philippines
My comments: The smile and those claws spell hurt all over! ^^;

Black★Rock Shooter Cosplay - Dead Master

16. Andrew Cameron as Dante from “Devil May Cry 3”

Country: Victoria, Australia
My comments: I’m still playing this series but I am impressed with the concept!

Devil May Cry Cosplay - Dante

15. Anita Red as Hatsune Miku from “Vocaloid – The Madness of Duke Venomania”

Country: Taiwan
My comments: Definitely one of my favorite Miku cosplays

Vocaloid Cosplay - Hatsune Miku

14. Seira as Shidou Mariya from “Maria†Holic”

Country: Singapore
My comments: The other version of dear Asuka

Maria†Holic Cosplay - Shidou Mariya

13. Asumi as Hatsune Miku from “Vocaloid 02”

Country: Singapore
My comments: Sweet, simple and Miku

Vocaloid Cosplay - Hatsune Miku

12. Jangwang as Sai from “Naruto: Shippuden”

Country: Bangkok, Thailand
My comments: I wish Sai was like this and not too stiff, at least he’s opening up!

Naruto: Shippuden Cosplay - Sai

11. Marianne Topacio as Atoli from “.hack//GU”

Country: Philippines
My comments: Very very nice, I like hats like hers ^^

.hack// GU Cosplay - Atoli

10. Kenan as Chouji Akimichi from “Naruto”

Country: Malaysia
My comments: YOUTH!

Naruto Cosplay - Chouji Akimichi

9. K as Sora (Final Form) from “Kingdom Hearts 2”

Country: Australia
My comments: Signature pose with a signature character, nice job!

Kingdom Hearts Cosplay - Sora (Final Form)

8. Klay as Chii from “Chobits”

Country: Sydney, Australia
My comments: Chii is really cute in pink

Chobits Cosplay - Chii

7. Sue as Black★Gold Saw from “Black★Rock Shooter”

Country: Malaysia
My comments: Deadly but totally hot

Black★Rock Shooter Cosplay : Black★Gold Saw

6. Yivon as Yui Hirasawa from “K-ON!”

Country: Singapore
My comments: An example of cute girls with some unusual talents, especially in playing an instrument

K-ON! Cosplay - Yui Hirasawa

5. Francine Aquino as Tia Hallibel from “Bleach”

Country: Davao, Philippines
My comments: One of the Tia cosplays I like, then again, they are very hard to pull off. Kudos to you!

Bleach Cosplay - Tia Hallibel

4. Cody Reed as The Joker from “Batman: The Dark Knight”

Country: Queensland, Australia
My comments: I have loved the movie, I have loved Heath Ledger’s interpretation, we all miss him so much

Batman: The Dark Knight Cosplay - The Joker

3. Jia Gold Bustamante as Cassandra Alexandra from “Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny”

Country: Manila, Philippines
My comments: It’s not every day we get to see a Soul Calibur cosplay, I miss this game… must buy the rest of the set!

Soul Calibur Cosplay : Cassandra Alexandra

2. Lexie as a Shura from “Ragnarok Online”

Country: Jakarta, Indonesia
My comments: I have not played this game for a while but I have seen the photos of this job class and she has clearly gotten it! Must not mess with a girl like her, just look at her hands! “have pity on a cute little poring like me (wink)

Ragnarok Online Cosplay - Shura

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1. Nookkiez as Fumino Serizawa from “Maiyoi Neko Overran”

Country: Bangkok, Thailand
My comments: If Asuka Langley from Evangelion had this almost brunetet hair, this would be the end result! The Tsundere of all Tsundere is the one leading the stakes for this block!

Maiyoi Neko Overran Cosplay Fumino Serizawa