Top 25 Hottest Anime Female Chracters in 2016


Otaku House has compiled the top 25 hottest anime female characters in 2016 and with some help from our fans and we have compiled the results. Who, in your opinion, is THE hottest anime character? If your favourite character is not up here, gather up your idol’s fan group and root for her in 2017!

You may not agree with this list, but here are the top 25 hottest anime female characters in 2016!

Top 25 Hottest Anime Female Characters in 2016


Shibuya Rin

From the Idolm@aster Cinderella Girls, Shibuya Rin plays a cool headed, hard working young woman. It is no surprise that she have worked her way into our hearts and into the list as well! And even grabbed the top #15 spot!

#14 Owari No Seraph: Hiragi Shinoa

From Owari No seraph, we present to you Hiragi Shinoa in the #14 spot! Shinoa may be inexperience, but she is serious and compose during battle, leading her team well. Shinoa loves her teamates but also enjoy teasing them a lot!

#13 Is The Order A Rabbit?? : Sharo Kirima


Coming from the #13 sport, with fluffy shoulder-length blonde hair and frilly maid uniform, have you fallen head over toes with Sharo Kirima yet? Sharo is a sensitive and bashful girl who is easily flustered. She loves her friends and would be worried of her image.

#12 Kantai Collection -Kancolle-: Akagi


From Kancolle, we bring you one of the first few characteres with comfirmation of apperances in the anime adaptation of Kantai Collection, Akagi! The ever strong Akagi have a very cheerful personality and eats alot too!

#11 Love Live! : Maki Nishikino

Coming from the #11 spot, we have one of the most favourited chracter from the Love Live, Maki Nishikino! Maki is talented and smart but also stubborn and slightly childish with the belief of Santa Claus. With her skilled talent in piano, Maki is also the composer of µ’s.

Top Hottest Anime Female Characters in 2016
#25 to #16

#25 Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon: Ouka Ootori
#24 Gate – Thus the JSDF Fought There! : Rory Mercury
#23 Accel World: Kuroyukihime
#22 Gakusen Toshi Asterisk: Toudou Kirin
#21 Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon:Usagi Saionji
#20 Sword Art Online ll: Yūki Asuna
#19 Date A Live Movie: Kurumi Tokisaki
#18 Is The Orde A Rabbit?? : Chino Kafū
#17 Fairytail: Lucy Heartfilia
#16 Love Live! : Kotori Minami


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