14 Signs You Watch Too Much Anime

Too much anime you say?! There is never too much anime.

That is what the delusionals and the self-denials and the non-believers would say. But you – you are a self-respecting person who just happens to love this certain fascinating culture and you are just very knowledgeable in it, and the only flaw you consider yourself to have is that you don’t like going outdoors because you might get a tan or you just can’t stand being around people who don’t share your views and interest in anime… right?

Don’t worry. We are here to help you identify if you have a problem. (Like watching too much anime should be a problem. Pfft. Society.)

Note: Anything you read, see, or comprehend here should be taken lightly with only a dash of salt. Add a bit of pepper for taste.

1. You keep saying, “Just one more episode…!”

This is the most tell-tale sign that you are addicted to watching anime (and it shows the lack of self-control) which could be a really bad thing. Apart from that, you find that you can’t sleep well, you lose sense of time, you feel tired or restless all the time when you are not watching anime, and your room is a mess with all the takeouts and ramen boxes. Maybe you even find your work performance slipping, or your grades declining! :O

2. You download all the songs from every anime you watch.

And sub-points a) you listen to them repeatedly until you can sing them accurately, b) you search the lyrics to find out the meanings, and c) you quote the lyrics (in Japanese, of course) and post them on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. Naturally, all your social media will be flooded with all things anime and you start making AMVs to post on YouTube.

3. You own a dakimakura (body pillow).

You hug it while watching anime and you talk to it daily. MAI WAIFU!

4. You start learning Japanese so you don’t need subtitles.

(Image source)

Also maybe because you’d like to communicate with your future waifu in his/her native language. Or maybe it might become something bigger! Like actually being able to become a real manga-ka and create mangas in Japanese!

5. You can name the seiyuu of most anime characters.

(Image source)

So on Career Day you try and try to look for booths about voice acting, but return home empty-handed and dejected because those “professional” voice actors didn’t know what is a seiyuu-ka. Peasants…

Still not convinced that you watch too much anime? Read on to find out!