14 Signs You Watch Too Much Anime

6. You use Japanese expressions and terms in conversations.

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Konnichiwa James-kun. Don’t I look kawaii today? Unlike that baka Sally, right?” And in some cases, you even compare scenes from an anime to the scenes in Hollywood films or TV shows.

7. You can’t wait to get out of school/work/party, etc. early so you can watch the next episode.

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Similarly, you turn down invitations to watch anime because there is nothing to do at a party. Absolutely nothing because you can’t watch anime.

8. You buy and wear shirts with characters from your favourite animes.

You also consider cosplaying but didn’t because that would take up the time you have to watch anime. (If you don’t already know by now, we sell anime shirts too! Check out our store now!)

9. You adapt or develop your philosophy based on an anime character’s philosophy.

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You have a nindo. You also know how to sign jutsus, and sometimes even scream, “BANKAAAAIIII!” at your cat.


You shun those who watch dubbed anime because a true anime-lover will become one with the culture, live, breathe, and eat like the people that culture. Your neuroticism kicks in when the subtitles are not yellow. Or white. Or they are not outlined in black.

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