14 Signs You Watch Too Much Anime

11. You cannot remember when was the last time you watched normal television programmes.

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Uh, is there even anything normal about television nowadays?

12. You scour the internet for more animes to watch after finishing one series in less than 48 hours.

Overly-attached girlfriend? How about overly-attached otaku?

13. You get super excited when you find out someone else watches anime too!

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Bonus: that person watches animes that you watch and has more connections to even more awesome animes. You guys automatically become BFFs and watch animes together into the sunset.

14. You will not be reading this post about watching too much anime.

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You will be watching so much anime you forgot how to read anything else other than subtitle-words.

If you have all of the symptoms stated above (sans #14), please go out and play.

So do you think you watch too much anime? Or maybe your friend watches too much anime that you have to stage an intervention. In any case, watching anime is fun and all (hell yeah) but we all gotta remember to live and eat well!

Ok now that I’ve gotten this out of my system, let me get right back to the next episode of Kuroko No Basuke…