Author: Nana Takeshi

Reporter played Pokémon Go at State Department Meeting

“Gotta catch ’em all”, they say. Some people do take the popular slogan of Pokémon far too seriously! Since the launch of Pokémon Go earlier this month, the game instantly took over the world! You know the hype is real when the mobile game ventured its way to the state department briefing recently! The spokesman had to pause his…

Psycho Pass Police Drones are Now Officially a Reality

While we are still miles and miles away from a world where our lives will completely revolved around robots and automation, we are surely advancing towards the Robot Revolution. However, some of us are having mixed feelings about the future of this revolution. Especially after a recent news about a toddler who got ran over by a security…

Yukai Engineering acquired $1m in funds for human-like family robot

Do you still remember the necomimi? Yes, its that adorable cat ears device that move and responded according to your brainwaves! The company who is behind this brilliant technology, Yukai Engineering joined forces with Advanced Telecommunication Research Institute International (ATR) recently for a joint venture and received 1 million yen (equivalent of $957K) in funding. Their collaboration aims to develop…

Hong Kong Pokémon fans were against Pikachu’s Chinese Name

As the year 2016 marks Pokémon’s 20th Anniversary, the Pokémon Company plans to release two new video games as part of the celebration! The games will be released in various languages and for the first time ever, simplified and traditional Chinese language will be available in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China this coming Winter. While some of us…

Vitruvian Man brought to real life as an Action Figure!

Calling all History enthusiast out there! You’ve read the title and it’s true! Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man have turned into an action figure and you can’t deny its an iconic masterpiece! You know you’re a History geek if you can’t resist looking at this amazing release! Read more about this series of figure line!

You know this is going to happen. SAO the real life virtual reality game.

For fans of the highly popular anime and light novel series, Sword Art Online, this IBM Japan’s latest VRMMO (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online) project will get your adrenaline pump up! Get ready for a virtual-reality travel with Sword Art Online: The Beginning! If you are prepared to experience the next level of VRMMO, stick around and read…

If Captain America Civil War Was An Anime

What if Captain America Civil War is animated by a Japanese animation studio? What if MARVEL collaborated with Namco Bandai’s THE [email protected]? Well, Bin1 Production made a MARVEL x Anime dream collaboration come true! The fan-made crossover trailer made its online debut recently! Read more to join the #TeamCap and #TeamIronMan hype!

[Buy Tickets] Sanrio Robotics Institute opens in Singapore this June!

To all Hello Kitty enthusiasts, mark your kitty calendars for an upcoming Hello Kitty interactive adventure this holiday season! Does being a Hello Kitty engineer at Sanrio Robotics Institute sounds interesting to you? Well, at the Robot Kitty Singapore event, you can be one! What are you waiting for? Read more to join in the fun!