Soft Keyboards – Hygenic and Healthy Way to Work

Soft Foldable Keyboards at Otaku House

“Dirty keyboards are dirtier than the bottom of the toilet seat” is no longer simply an urban myth.

Featured on Cleo Magazine, these innovative soft bendable keyboards from Otaku House are the hygenic, healthy way to work. Encased in colourful soft rubber, you can easily wash these foldable keyboards with a wet cloth without worrying about water seeping underneath the keys to damage your keyboard.


Not only that, these lightweight flexible keyboards can easily be rolled up and carried around in your bag, and save working space on your desk as they are compact and flat, yet at the same time offering the full fucntions of a standard keyboard.


The Otaku House soft keyboards comes in an assortment of colours for every personality across the spectrum. From hot pink for the passionate ones, sunny orange for the spunky ones, to serious black for the office executive; you will be able to choose your favourite colour. These keyboards are also compatible with all computers and laptops that has a USB port.


Indeed, the soft foldable keyboard is one of the most unique gift ideas and is suitable for the urban dwellers of today.

The Facts on How Dirty Normal Keyboards Are

In 2007, research done by the University of Arizona showed that an average keyboard in the office harbours 400 times more bacteria than an average public toilet seat. In 2008, research done by England’s consumer group also showed a keyboard to have more than 150 times the recommended limit for bacteria, and is 5 times as dirty as the toilet seat in the same office as that keyboard. Imagine running your fingers on public toilet seats the way you do when you type your projects and emails.


What causes the germs and bacteria on your keyboards?

– Food particles and crumbs fall between and underneath the keys of your keyboard when you eat while using the computer 

– Even if you don’t eat while you work, dust particles will still form and fall between the keys of your keyboard

– Both food remains and dust encourage bacteria growth

– When you’re sick with flu and touch the keyboard, the germs stay there.

– Basically, whatever bacteria or germs your hands come into contact with will find residence on your keyboards once you start punching those keys.

– Even if you sanitize your hands every single time before you use the computer, sharing of keyboards ensure that bacteria will definitely be passed from someone else onto your keyboard.


Health Hazard

The colony of bacteria which have sought cozy residence on your keyboards may cause food poisoning, diarrhea, vomiting, skin infections, and other diseases and illnesses.


Washing of your keyboards efficiently include removing every single key and cleaning them with a damp cloth or alcohol wipes.


Alternatively, instead of going through the hassle of cleaning your keyboard key by key, the soft keyboards at Otaku House can be washed easily and frequently to ensure that they are always clean and hygenic.

It is recommended that you clean your keyboards at least once a week.