Saki Kasukabe Figurine Review: Ms. President

Hey hey, everyone! I’m Ryan, and this is my second figure review for Otaku House! If you were ever unfortunate enough to hang out with me to talk about anime, you’d have noticed how much I love Genshiken, the story about anime club-life and all the wacky antics that happen within the club and because of the club’s interests.

My favorite character of the group, Saki Kasukabe/春日部咲, is the story’s non-otaku character, a gorgeous model-esque woman with a strong dislike for anime and otakuness. She’s the perfect character to throw into this mix as she creates silly situations and drama for our otaku peers.

This figure is of Kasukabe cosplaying as the Kujibiki Unbalance Student Body President, Ritsuko Kübel Kettenkrad (律子·キューベル·ケッテンクラート) made by Yamato. Off the bat, you can see that Kasukabe is in a great contrapposto type of pose that give it a similar feeling as to the statue of David or Venus de Milo. In the anime, Kugayama refers to Kasukabe as a “Goddess/supermodel-like” which is the aura that you get from this figure.

The most recognisable item of Ritsuko’s costume is her large yellow helmet. The helmet here is removable but, it is a piece tha you’d want to always have on because of the “coolness factor” that rises when Kasukabe is wearing it. In the Genshiken story, Tanaka makes this cosplay for Saki, but, instead of Ritsuko’s normal attire, it’s of her “Battle-Mode”. This is evident in the details of the outfit’s helmet where the side look to have a more “breathable” design, but also in the shorter skirt and wrist cuffs.

Kasukabe’s side view gives off a “I’m more powerful than you” type of attitude.
You can purchase this Genshiken Kasukabe Saki figurine here

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