Saki Kasukabe Figurine Review: Ms. President

In the Genshiken anime, Kasukabe is wearing boots with this outfit. But, in the manga, she is wearing heels like this. So, this figure is sometimes mistaken for being inaccurate, when, in actuality, it is quite accurate, just taken from a different source material, in this case, the original.

The main problem with this figure is that it is considered to be a “leaner”, which means that, over time, the figure will bend over because of the top weight to legs is “unbalance” (lol see what I did there? Did you see that pun? LOL ). Because this is an older figure, the plastic formula that they’re using is not as strong as what we see in figures of today. The plastic of today is also a bit more expensive, so, if they were to redo this figure with today’s plastic, the cost of the figure would actually be a bit more higher… but… that’s just the toy design side of me talking… let’s move on before I bore you… lol

The easiest solution to this is to use a figma clear base to help hold her up. In this case, I propped the peg of the base in between a section of her hair. What this does is it removes the weight and stress from her legs and holds her up at her hair, where most of the weight is.

Such a beautiful face<3! ^_^ Let me know what you think of this review under the comments below! If you want to purchase the Genshiken Kasukabe Saki figurine, just click on this link.

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