Saki Kasukabe Figurine Review: Ms. President

The details in her hair are not spared. As you can see, they cut into the chunk of plastic breaking the solid form which makes her hair flow down, giving the viewer a peek of the detail in the back of the figure. I mean, if you are covering a section of a figure, why detail it, right? No. Yamato wants you to see the detail, even if only just a glance.

This side also gives the viewer a peek at the behind detail.

The details, in Kasukabe’s outfit, are awesome! The folds in her top, along with the ties, the ruffles in her skirt and even her wrist cuffs. The attention to Ritsuko’s outfit are just perfect. Even down to, uh… Kasukabe’s, uh… chest shape… and how it causes, uh… her cosplay to fold that way and wrap around… uh… *nosebleeds…

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The detail even goes to Kasukabe’s painted fingernails! <3 On one of my figures, this one that I took photos of, there was a slight manufacturing “hiccup” on the paint op of her front flap. The paint wasn’t applied as smoothly on that part that you see here, but, in my other figure, she’s fine.

Check out Kasukabe’s sexy legs on the last page of the review.