15 Naruto Cosplays That Made Our Day

Otaku House Cosplay Idol 2013 is drawing to a close and on a whim, We went through the past 3 years’ of cosplay entries for the contest. We saw lots of awesome cosplays that made me smile and so I’ve decided to compile 15 of the best Naruto cosplays that made our day!

If you think there are other Naruto cosplayers from Otaku House Cosplay Idol who also made you smile, share with us in the comments box below!

15. Maito Gai

Macky Martinez, Phillipines, Cosplay Idol 2011

This funny impression of our favourite Bushy Brow Sensei put a smile on our faces! The details like his wig and eyebrows are very well done!

14. Kakuzu

David D Angelo, Phillipines, Otaku House Cosplay Idol 2011

This gave us the creeps because it’s so menacing! David did a great job with his expression and the make-up on his arm also adds the effect that he is Kakuzu. :O

13. Sai

Jangwang, Bangkok, Thailand, Cosplay Idol 2011

Milky white skin and a slim waist, Jangwang – well, she- well. Wow. Looks exactly like Sai.

12. Temari

Limitless Disguise, Michigan, USA, Cosplay Idol 2013

Huge fan? Check. Ponytails? Check. Thigh fishnet stockings? Check. Crush on Shikamaru? KIV. This is a great portrait of Temari by Limitless Disguise! Her expression and stance really makes this cosplay realistic!

11. Momochi Zabuza

Kenneth Ting, Singapore, Cosplay Idol 2011

Now, this is too much to handle! Kenneth’s great physique and the pose with the Kubikiribōchō makes this cosplay awesome! It brings out the essence of Zabuza’s manliness and power.

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