13 Saint Seiya Cosplay Armours That Took Our Breaths Away!

11. Hades (Alone)

In.Ciel from Santiago, Chile. Now, this is insane! Saint Seiya cosplayers have god-like handicraft skills, god-like patience, and god-like determination. Just looking at this depiction of Hades is making me dizzy and touched! What an epic masterpiece of such astounding cosplay! From the sword to the armour and again, here – THE WINGS! So dark and deathly but oh, so, beautifully done! I am blown so far away by this shattering costume.

12. Virgo no Asmita (Meditating)

Yusuf Hernani from Peru. We love this perspective of Asmita meditating because it feels as if Asmita is right there, like we are right there in the moment with Asmita! Again, notice the details of the armour. Although this cosplay has no wings, it has its own place in this celestial array of stupendousness.

13. Virgo no Asmita

Andrew Artiga Albero from San Salvador, El Salvador. This Asmita cosplay (again) was so good that we had to share with all of you. He received more than 1,200 ‘likes’ on Facebook back in the Cosplay Idol 2011 for this stunning cosplay. Besides that, his expression really brought out the calmness and serenity of Asmita which justifies his popularity. We cannot doubt nor deny this awesomeness.

This is all for the Saint Seiya cosplays we thought were really breathtaking! The details on these armours, wigs, and props were intricate and they looked really difficult to make, but they all made it anyway! I am in so much awe just thinking about all the time and effort they put into making their Saint Seiya cosplay come alive for everyone to enjoy. We loved all of their cosplays and we hope to see even more of such cosplays! We would also like to thank everyone, cosplayers and fellow otakus, for all the support and love you have given us for Cosplay Idol!