The Guide to That Manga Girl in the Crimea Crisis

However, Poklonskaya is currently not the General-Attorney of Crimea as she faces some criminal charges by Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. (At around 1:55 into the video below.)

Her popularity is still on the rise, though. On the video of her at the press conference, there were many uh… weird comments by some Japanese men. Such as, “Summon me for questioning! I’ll tell you everything I know! I’ll even tell you everything I don’t know!” And something about letting her step over them, too. Well, Japan, you are always one step ahead of us in everything. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also, she does not have a Twitter account nor any social media accounts, actually. But you can check out her Facebook fanpage here!

Despite all of that attention she is receiving as the apple of her fans’ eyes, Poklonskaya stays professional and hopes people will not treat her like a “Pokémon” as she hopes they will judge her by her work as a lawyer. Some netizens have also commented on the fanarts, with strong feelings about the way some of them are portraying her.

Strong feminism aside, we hope that she will have a smooth career ahead. A strong career woman who is focused and is ready to take anything that comes her way. I guess that is why she is so popular with our fellow Japanese otakus. Almost like Riza Hawkeye, she is quite a no-nonsense person but still filled with a lot of womanly tenderness. But seriously, give her a samurai sword or a handgun, coupled with her sense of justice, she will be ready to transform into a heroine that will fit into almost any anime (and maybe in real life situations too)!

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And also more media appearances. More moe fanart! We want more! We want moe!