These Are The 15 Most Kawaii Cat Cafes In The World

Japan’s friendly neighbour, South Korea is also well-known for its cat cafés in its capital, Seoul.

Probably the most popular cat café in Seoul is Gio Cat Café and the next would be Tom’s Cat Café. Both reside in the same area in Hongdae where there are many youths because of the nearby universities and it is also a trendy shopping district with many food and beverage outlets that sell lots of many delicious local delicacies!

9. Seoul, South Korea – Gio Cat Café

Gio Cat Café had changed its name in the recent years, so it is also referred to as Ycat. Apparently, its booming popularity was because of its many 20 cats! (Also because location, location.) While rules are similar to most cat cafés, there is a bit of a difference between Japanese cat cafés and Korean ones. But I suppose it doesn’t matter to all you crazy cat people.

10. Seoul, South Korea – Tom’s Cat Café

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It’s cats overload at Tom’s Cat Café! Exactly how many number of cats are there? No specific numbers have been given but everywhere you go, there will be at least one cat looking at you. Probably plotting your murder… but when they sleep, they are soooo adorable! :3

11. Seoul, South Korea – Cat’s Attic

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This purrr-dy feline is from Cat’s Attic in Hongdae!

Cat’s Attic cat café has two outlets in Seoul! One in the Gangnam area and the other also in the popular Hongdae area. It’s almost like a paradise for all cat lovers. You can read Cute In Korea’s posts about the Gangnam outlet here, and the Hongdae outlet here! Very informative and very cute!

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Look! A giant kitty mascot at the front of the Gangnam’s outlet! You definitely won’t be able to miss this human-sized kitty mascot parading its advertisements around this busy street!

Oh! There used to be a little pig in Cat’s Attic Hongdae but according to Cute In Korea, it’s no longer there now. I mean, a pigs + cats combo will start a revolution! Too much cute!

Closer to the equator, near the heart of Asia, there are cat cafés in Bangkok, Thailand too! So maybe after all that backpacking or hardcore retail therapy, you need a place to rest your weary feet. Why not let these kitty kafés heal your weary soul.

12. Bangkok,Thailand – Charming Cats Café and Pet Shop

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Located in Lat Phrao, Bangkok, Thailand, it is a pink and pretty, cosy place. Opened in 2012, it has been a pretty good hit with the locals and tourists! You can not only have some comforting hot drinks and delicious (human) sweet treats with the kitties, you can also buy pet food and accessories for your own little furkid at home!

13. Bangkok, Thailand – Cataholic

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Just one of the popular cat cafés around in bustling Bangkok! It’s a little bit inaccessible so more locals frequent it than tourists, so it feels like it will be a quieter place than other cat cafés. Also, it is located in a mall that is pet-friendly! All the more you should check out this hidden gem. They seem like they serve pretty delicious desserts too. So good food, good ambience, and about 10 happy feline furballs makes this café worthy of a visit! Anyway, check out what these awesome staff and people in Cataholic did in the video below!

14. Taipei, Taiwan – Minimal Café

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Currently the most talked about Taiwanese cat café (so far) because it has about 20 cats in there! The cats pretty much rule over the café because some people are taken aback at how they can so brazenly stick their paws into fish tanks or how there are two toilet seats next to each other in one cubicle! Um, why…?

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Taking over the world one catnap and a cup of latte at a time!

Anyway, Minimal Café almost didn’t get to see the light because its location was so hard to find. So it became somewhat of a cat shelter because the owner, Wu Hsin-ju could not bear seeing so many strays without a home. Now, it has evolved into an establishment with a fan base, and even sub-fan bases for some of their cats! Yes! Humans worship cats. If a potential customer comes in and wants to adopt a cat, the owner will happily help, choosing from the mass of cats in this café.

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Aside from all the cats and its noble origins, this café has a really cosy decor! On top of that, they look like they serve some pretty good coffee and food! No wonder. With such good services, friendly human staff, and equally friendly feline rulers (who take over your seats and you can’t do anything about it), it is no wonder it is popular now!

Singapore  has also (finally!) joined our Asian trendsetters and opened Neko no Niwa (猫の庭) on Christmas Day last year!

15. Singapore – Neko no Niwa 猫の庭

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There are 13 lovely resident cats in this neat little space. Like all cat cafés it has rules that customers must follow – and it is depicted in a cute little handbook.

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They believe in adopting and not buying pets from pet stores. All of their 13 felines are carefully selected to be in this 24-hour fully-airconditioned space – they need to be suitable to live in a lifestyle café like this where there will be a lot of human interaction, playing, and getting along with the rest of the cats.

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Changing the locals’ perception that cats are “dirty” or “noisy” was their mission when opening this cat café. By adopting these cats, they want to show that even homeless and abandoned cats are just like pedigreed cats. All of them are equally beautiful in their own furry way and they deserve the same kind of love and respect. What an admirable mindset!

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Prices are $12 for the first hour and $5 for the subsequent half hour block per person. Drinks and dessert are separate costs.

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More details at their website here.

Wow. Much cats. Such meow. Many fur- wait. Wrong meme.

There are many more other cat cafés in Japan and in other parts of the world! The most common reason for the large number of cat cafés in Japan – and in most densely populated cities – is that apartments are small and landlords usually don’t let tenants keep pets to prevent disturbance or damage to property. Studies have shown that keeping cats reduce stress levels and watching cat videos increase productivity, though I think the latter needs more research to further confirm it.

So travel to your hearts out, little otakus. But in the meantime, you can watch cat videos to satisfy the crazy cat lady in you, nyaa! :3