Metal Bleach Swords for Sale


Updated on 9/8/09: Photos of Metal Bleach Swords at Iluma here.

Low and behold! Our new shipment of anime swords has just arrived and these are the current list of Bleach swords we currently carry. Remember, you will have to be 18 to buy these swords as they may be dangerous in the hands of kids!

Bleach Swords

Ichigo’s Tensa Zangetsu (2 versions)

Byakuya’s Senbon Zakura

Zaraki Kenpachi’s sword

Rukia’s Sode no Shirayuki

Hitsugaya’s Hyourinmaru (2 versions)

Gin Ichimaru’s Shinso

Hinamori’s Tobiume

Abarai Renji’s Zabimaru

Other non-bleach swords include the 7 piece buster sword and Seifer Almasy’s Insignia, but more pictures and information on these later.