North America Finalists 2011

Top 40 Finalists
Otaku House Cosplay Idol North America

These are the Top 40 North American Finalists from 1600 contestants. They need your support to win this contest! The mechanics are simple. The judges are ANYBODY in the world. YOU get to decide who should win.

Voting Deadline : 6 November 2011


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Click on the Finalists' pictures below to view their entries.

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How to Vote :

1. Click on the Finalists' pictures to view their entries, or click on the arrow to browse. (You can access the other Finalists from the bottom of every Finalist's page)

2. If you like a Finalist's cosplay works, click the 'like' button or 'Google +1' button at the top of that page. The counter will show the collective votes.

3. Drop them a comment below their page to support or feedback on their works.

4. At the end of the voting round of 1 month, the Finalist with the Top 3 highest number of votes will win.

So show these awesome cosplayers some love and support and start browsing through their entries and vote away!

*To click the 'Google +1' button, you need to have a Google +1 account. You can only click once for each finalist.
*To click the 'like' button, you need to be logged onto your facebook account. You can only 'like' once for each finalist. Numbers on page and total count may not tally. See our FAQ no. 3 on why.