∈cchi Paradise in TiBE 2012

Taiwan International Book Fair - Anime and Comics

Hello fellow Otaku, Yoshi Nin here. I just returned from the annual Taiwan International Book Exhibition (TiBE), the largest book fair in Taiwan and have to say; this lizard is very impressed with the lovely ∈cchi stuffs I found in the Anime and Comics Pavilion. -strokes lizard chin in approval-

Here’s a special photo report of the anime section of the book fair + some of my favorite ∈cchi moments -drools-

Disclaimer :
– Though the products at the exhibition were not age-rated and available to the public; some images may not be suitable for readers below 16 years old depending on your mom’s definition of ‘decency’.

Some innocent anime stuff

Full Metal Alchemist anime wall scrolls

Full Metal Alchemist Movie Wall Scrolls

Airou digital camera. Would you use this camera?

Airou digital camera

Vocaloid and Japanese CDs

Anime and Japanese Music CDs

Other Shounen stuff

Exclusive Naruto stamp collection
Exclusive Naruto Stamps

Getting stalked by Elizabeth (check out life size Elizabeth in the full gallery the next page)

Stalked by Elizabeth

Matsumoto shows me some meat… 😛

Bleach : Yoshi Nin gets some meat

The Naughty Ones coming up next page…

Taiwan International Book Fair - Anime and Comics