Anime North 2011 Feature

Anime North took 2011 took place this last weekend from May 27-29, 2011 at the Toronto Congress Centre, Sheraton and the Doubletree Plaza Hotel.

Our new contributor Sol covered the event for us! Read his short review below.

Over the course of 3 days, Anime North 2011 featured panels, maid cafe, masquerade, artist gallery, merchandise room, contests, dances and more. Anime north attendees also had the chance to meet various guests – Miki Narahashi, Kumiko Watanabe, John Swasey, Brian Dobson, Christopher Ayres and Taku Otsuka to name a few.

I managed to steal some shots of the cosplay highlights at Anime North 2011.

Panty and Stocking

Black Rock Shooter

Final Fantasy

Anime North 2011 was a very exciting event for fans and attendees this year! Hope to see everyone at Anime North 2012!

Anime North Con Information

Country: Canada
Location: Toronto, Ontario
History: 14 years
Dates: May 27-29, 2011
Organizers: Irwin Tan (Convention Chair), Donald Simmons (Director of Operations)
Website: Anime North

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