Leading 30 in Cosplay Idol North American Album B (29 May 2011)

The cosplayers in the Otaku House Cosplay Idol North America Album (B) have been waiting anxiously for a vote tally for an update, and here it is!

Tsukuyo gives us a quick update on who’s leading in this album (by the number of votes)! Here are the current Top 30 out of 200 as of today 29 May 2011.

There are 2 months more till the end of the Otaku House Cosplay Idol Qualifying Round. So if your favorite cosplayer is not here, or if you want to bump up the votes of one of them here, vote for them here. Remember, only the Top 5 in this album will make it to the Finals, held in September 2011!

If you’d like to join the contest, click here for more information. Don’t worry, you’ll be in another album, so you won’t be pitting yourself against the below cosplayers until you reach the Finals.

The current 30 leading contestants are ranked below is descending order.

Are you ready….COUNT DOWN!


30. Lovina M Yavari as Darth Aayla

Country : Canada, Ontario
My comments : Reminiscent of Star Wars, just as Lovina intended. This is a really impressive original character design. Love the blue eye.

Darth Aayla Cosplay (Original Character)

29. William Quick as Leon S Kennedy from “Resident Evil 4”

Country : USA, New Jersey
My comments : A simple cosplay of the Resdent Evil hero.

Resident Evil 4 Cosplay - Leon S Kennedy

28. Daniel William Cloud as Spike Spiegel from “Cowboy Bebop”

Country : USA, Texas
My comments : As aloof looking as Spike himself.

Cowboy Bebop Cosplay - Spike Spiegel

27. Roxane Daneault as Kairi from “Kingdom Hearts 2”

Country : Canada, Quebec
My comments : A sweet depiction of Kairi

Kingdom Hearts Cosplay - Kairi

26. DeAnna Davis as Mad Moxxi Hot from “Broaderlands”

Country : USA, VA
My comments : I love the loudspeaker!

Broaderlands Cosplay - Mad Moxxi Hot

25. Casey Harper as Harley Quinn from “Batman“

Country : USA, PA
My comments : My kind of clown

Batman Cosplay - Harley Quinn

24. Krystal Messier Hikaru from “Magic Knights Rayearth”

Country : Canada, Ontario
My comments : Not familiar with this series but this costume rocks!!

Magic Knights Rayearth Cosplay - Hikaru

23. Jon Wong as Rufio from “Hook“

Country : USA, GA
My comments : Jon looks rather uncanny as Rufio

Hook Cosplay - Rufio

22. Michelle Hardy as Princess Zelda from “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess”

Country : USA, AZ
My comments : There are lots of Midna cosplayers in the Otaku House Cosplay Idol contest, but Michelle is the first Princess Zelda to make it to the Top 30!

The Legend of Zelda Cosplay - Princess Zelda

21. Jackie E. as Undertaker from Kuroshitsuji

Country : USA, New York
My comments : Lots of Kuroshitsuji cosplayers this contest, but this is actually one of my favorite Kuroshitsuji entry! Jackie’s grin perfectly portrays how eccentric Undertaker is.

Kuroshitsuji Cosplay - Undertaker

20. Sam O’Neill as Kyoshi Warrior Suki from “Avatar – The Last Airbender”

Country : USA, Connecticut
My comments : Nice work on the headgear

Avatar the Last Airbender Cosplay - Kyoshi Warrior Suki

19. Carl Martin as The Lying Figure from “Silent Hill”

Country : USA, Texas
My comments : This is damn freaky.

Silent Hill Cosplay - The Lying Figure

18. Trevor Scott as Auron from “Final Fantasy X”

Country : USA, California
My comments : Great costume and sword!

Final Fantasy X Cosplay - Auron

17. Malinda Meredith as Haou Judai from “Yu-gi-Oh! GX”

Country : USA, Missouri
My comments : I like how the wig is done.

Yu-gi-Oh! Cosplay - Haou Judai

16. Cristine Peña as Eve from “Parasite Eve”

Country : USA, Florida
My comments : This kicks ass! Check out those hands; if you can call those hands.

Parasite Eve Cosplay - Eve

15. Linda Carey as Hatsune Miku from “Vocaloid”

Country : USA, Washington
My comments : Yup, another Miku; but the only one in this group to make it to the Top 30.

Vocaloid Cosplay - Hatsune Miku

14. Cloud Zack Santiago as Robin (Tim Drake) from “Batman”

Country : USA, Florida
My comments : This is an excellent shot. The costume looks awesome too!

Batman Cosplay - Robin Tim Drake

13. Cindy Romero as Ayanami Rei from “Neon Genesis Evangelion”

Country : USA, Maryland
My comments : Cindy and her twin, Karen makes a pair of beautiful EVA girls. Watch out for Karen’s Asuka too in the album!

Neon Genesis Evangelion Cosplay - Ayanami Rei

12. Miyuka Szczepanski as Goddess Minerva from “Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core“

Country : USA, Michigan
My comments : Will you check out those props!

Final Fantasy 7 Cosplay - Goddess Minerva

11. Arielle Somberg as Midna from “Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess”

Country : USA, Illinois
My comments : Popular Zelda character to cosplay as. Arielle is one of the few leading Midna’s in the Otaku House House Cosplay Idol.

The Legend of Zelda Cosplay - Midna

10. Kendall Johnson as Oerba Dia Vanille from “Final Fantasy XIII”

Country : USA, Florida
My comments : Sunshine Vanille.

Final Fantasy 13 Cosplay - Oerba Dia Vanille

09. Amber Raye Chandler as The Witch from “Left 4 Dead”

Country : USA, Illinois
My comments : I have a weak heart. This picture freaked me out when I first saw it.

Left 4 Dead Cosplay - The Witch

08. Laura Chin as Autobot Jazz from “Transformers”

Country : USA, California
My comments : This is TOTALLY AWESOME!!

Transformers Cosplay - Autobot Jazz

07. Christina Sims as Mother Shahraz from “World of Warcraft”

Country : USA, Superior
My comments : The multiple arms and swords rocks!!

World of Warcraft Cosplay - Mother Shahraz

06. Victoria Chin as Astharoshe Asran from “Trinity Blood”

Country : Canada, Toronto
My comments : I love this costume.

Trinity Blood Cosplay - Astharoshe Asran

05. Hope Smith as Sorceress Edea from “Final Fantasy VIII”

Country : USA, Texas
My comments : The props in this album never fail to impress me one after another.

Final Fantasy VIII Cosplay - Sorceress Edea

04. Suzie Girard as Kakashi Hatake from “Naruto”

Country : Canada, Montreal
My comments : My favorite character in Naruto made it to number 4!

Naruto Cosplay - Hatake Kakashi

03. April Martin as Lurker from “Silent Hill Homecoming”

Country : USA, Texas
My comments : Another picture that freaked me out. Please get away from me.

Silent Hill Homecoming Cosplay - Lurker

02. Thomas Depetrillo as Bumblebee from “Transformers”

Country : USA
My comments : This is totally epic. I was almost fooled into thinking “Is this a movie poster?” until I saw the video of Thomas putting on Bumblebee.

Transformers Cosplay - Bumblebee

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01. Jonathan Lerminiau as Kurotsuchi Mayuri from Bleach (Hueco Mundo Arc)

Country : USA
My comments : This blew my mind away. I thought Mayuri had come to life! Number 1 currently in this group is the queer and crazy captain of the 12 Division of the Soul Society.

Bleach Cosplay - Kurotsuchi Mayuri