Top Bleach Cosplay

Ulquiorra Cifer’s Forms

Mark Ifversen from Pennsylvania – Normal Form

This very simple and very straight to the point photo of the 4th Espada has wowed many of our viewers and I have to agree. Though I find it a bit disappointing not to see his trademark helmet hollow mask up close, this serious look definitely is Ulquiorra’s. Hope this cosplayer does try his Release form

Hiroki Akiyoshi from Japan – Ressureccion Form

Probably one of my favorite takes of Ulquiorra’s first release form and form of execution. The wings and helmet mask is perfect and the “dont mess with me” look is nailed to perfection. This really is going to be on my top list ^^

Antho Pepito from France – Grimmjow Jaegerjaques

Grimmjow is a rare character in the whole competition and this predator has his own style and angst attitude. In this case, you rarely see a Grimmjow up close like this. Somehow he reminds me of one of those posters for Dragonball but heck, that sky blue hair is definitely Grimmy. But I love his eye expression, definitely nailed. I would have loved to see the Ressurection form though.

VelvetNeko from France – Arrancar Loly

While I am not familiar that much of this character, it seems to me she’s one bubbly and deadly arrancar. There have been a lot of versions of this in the competition but this one earned the top hits. Congrats!

-Cage from Germany – Nnoitra Jiruga

Ah! I have yet to see a perfect Ressureccion version of this character in any cosplay competition and yet I found myself facing a very good normal version of the mantis. Very good take on the sword and his signature pose. Although he’s an annoying character, his ultimate defense is only broken by the eccentric Kenpachi.

Marius from France- Kaname Tosen

Mysterious, quiet and a very frightening opponent; thats Kaname Tosen for you. Honestly, I never expected him to turn to the dark side. That proves to show that the silent ones are the one to watch for. Photo wise, perfect! It looks to me that he did this without too much effort. Hope you didnt hurt yourself while doing this photo.

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