Top Bleach Cosplay

Nivi Pix from Utah – Yoruichi Shihoin – Utah

The photo is just perfect! I love the way this photo shows me the feisty Goddess of Flash and I am amazed that the eyes were cat-like glowing at best. Out of almost all the Yoruichi’s I saw in this competition, this one just takes the cake.

Jonathan Lerminiau from the US – Kurotsuchi Mayuri (Hueco Mundo Arc)

Since this guy has been introduced in the series, I found him creepy and eccentric. But that I guess is because of the fact that he’s a mad scientist. His Hueco Mundo Arc is even more weird than it was before. When I saw this photo, its like seeing the Mad Scientist in real life. Im amazed with the headpiece and it looks so real! Amazing!

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck/Nel’s Forms

Brittany aka Tollie from California – Adult Form

The cute, lovable and the masochist Nelliel returns to her original Espada mode upon trying to save her Itysgo. She’s one of the prettiest Arrancars after Tia Halibel and it shows here! Sadly, I hate the fact her running time for this is short since she returned back to her young form after an intense fight. Sigh.

Nausicaa Bottan from Italy

– Resurreccion Version

If I said the previous photo is sexy, this one is well-planned like the Toshiro and Mayuri cosplays. I commend your craftsmanship in this and I could see that to make your mobility good despite the additional weight, you used wheels to make the back move. The Gazelle is well-represented in this photo and I declare this as one of the best ones I have seen.

Francine Aquino from the Philippines – Normal Form

The current third Espada and female member is included in this list. I have seen a lot of Harribels which was quite nice since everyone had their own take, and it is one of the most trickiest to do since Harribel’s Hollow mask is quite hard to perfect and so on. As I have said with regards to this cosplayer’s photo on the qualifiers, one of the best Harribel cosplays I have seen. I also love the sword.

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