Top Akatsuki Cosplay

Red clouds, to a Naruto fan, would mean the illustrious missing nins from the Five Shinobi Countries who are out to get the Jinchurikis like the main star Naruto Uzumaki. In the recently concluded Cosplay Idol, if there were a lot of Narutos, there were a lot of the Akatsuki members present in each album. For this list, I will show you the most voted Akatsuki members that has hailed the spotlight in the recently concluded Otaku House Cosplay Idol.

Deidara of Iwagakure – Amy Lee Jin (Puerto Rico)

The Mad Bomber Deidara is known for his explosive art and for this cosplayer, it is truly art! I love the expression (he looks like he wont cause any trouble), the hand (how on earth did you do that!) and the whole package. I wish I could see your character with the whole Akatsuki clothing. That would rock.

Sasori of Sunagakure – Uchi Awaseru (Malaysia)

The Red Sand Sasori is known for his deadly puppets and inept knowledge of poisons, while adding it to his collection. His human puppets are also one of his masterpieces. This cosplay here is good, Sasori looks way young considering the background he got. I love the pose and the expression here. Intriguing background you got here!

Kisame Hoshigaki of Kirigakure – Michael Jan Silva (Philippines)

The Jinchurikii but not a real one graces our list and heck, the Samehada looks like its ready to eat someone! I love the fact that he’s standing on water, good take on Kisame’s affinity and back to the Samehada… wicked!

Itachi Uchiha of Konohagakure – Liknaru Uzumaki (Ecuador)

The Prodigy of the Uchiha Clan and at the same time, its slayer and martyr. This photo may be simple but it a little mystery. The background seems to even blend with the Akatsuki Colors which is a nice touch. Excellent take!

Hidan of Yugakure – Jace (USA)

The Jashinist and the guy who loves to say “All Hail Jashin-sama” is in this list too though sadly, his Ritual mode is one of the favorites in this list. I have to say the battle for the votes for this character is quite close but this cosplayer’s take is perfect! Its like seeing Hidan fighting Shikamaru already with the location. Do try and work on a fight scene shoot for this character!

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