Top Akatsuki Cosplay

Kakuzu of Takigakure – Paolo Aquino (Philippines)

The guy who brings in the money for the Akatsuki and the guy with five creepy hearts. Photo is excellent, nice edits on it especially the creepy aura around ya. The eyes were also close to the real thing. Impressive take!

Konan of Amegakure – Angelika Hegland (Sweden)

The Paper Mistress shows her Angel wings in this photo and sadly, I cannot say much with the photo since it seems like its taken from a bird’s eye view (or somewhere that could see the whole stage). Then again the Paper Wings just took the show. Excellent work.

Pein of Amegakure – Chris Yeung (Australia)

Asura Path or the deceased Yahiko is also in this list but this one takes the cake. I did not see any Nagato ones but plenty of the Asura Path. The closeup is good, I could see those black rods almost realistic in effect. It would have been good to see the whole body shot of this. Next time ^^

Tobi – Martin Radl (Czech Republic)

Now this guy cannot be called Madara Uchiha since Kabuto revived the guy and well, we can always call him Nobody since he said so. Nevertheless, this mysterious Tobi kick-started the Fourth Shinobi War and the guy who controls the tailed beasts. I do wonder who he is (I have guesses). For this photo, excellent take on his Battle Gear, the fan also perfect… I just hate this character’s mystery! Who are you!!!!

Zetsu Zetsu Where are You?

Ironically, this list does not include Zetsu… I guess Zetsu must have loved to fight with his other half before they can hail the spotlight. If I missed him, please do comment below so I can add him up. I had to review all the albums from the competition so I may have missed a couple or two.

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