RESULTS! Otaku House Cosplay Idol 2013: Asia-Pacific Top 10

3. Chris Oreto

Chris Oreto from Bulacan, Phillipines. What a brilliant cosplay! Reusing things that he already has and then making the rest using things that are inexpensive and could be found easily anywhere is a great resourceful and green way to cosplay! And even with such materials, his cosplay is exceptional!

2. Ramon Ruperto

Ramon Ruperto from Manila, Phillipines. He is only 18 and has just started cosplaying for about a year and here he is!

1. Liui

Liui from Manila, Phillipines. This is just smashing! (You think we would make a joke about kicking – nope.) He shows everyone who shunned him for his love of cosplay with this awesome cosplay of Sanji! Liui does it because it makes him happy and he feels younger! Do it because you love it and it makes you a better person and do not ever give up because of what others might think of you! Congratulations!

I got so starstruck by all their stellar personalities and stunning cosplays! In this category we have seen so much strong spirits of cosplay that we all got very inspired and even considered cosplaying as a part-time job! Well, almost. We loved that they all crossed boundaries and expanded the horizons of cosplay, which also showed us that anything is possible in cosplay, that cosplay is for everyone and anyone! Once again, congratulations to the Top 10!