“Moe Camera” App for iPhone Review

We’re always happy to see a new Otaku-themed app in the Apple iOS App Store. The “Moe Camera” app is developed by Higher Bridge Inc. just recently in November 2013. Taking selfies can be boring if all the selfies are that same angle, that same smile, and that same look. So, we tried this app and tinkered around with it, and this is what we felt about it.

We thought this is a great app for some light fun and hardcore moe otakus or cosplayers who need visualisation will probably like this app. It has quite a variety of stickers and styles which we thought were very pretty and kawaii. The ‘sharing’ function is really easy to use so once the photo is done, users can share it right away. The app is fairly new so there is still room for improvement, for instance, the app could have grid lines to guide users when they take a photo so when they paste the wig on it would look more realistic. While it is all cute and moe-ish, the novelty soon wears off after a few tries. Or maybe we are just not selfie-moe-pros.

Hope to see more Otaku-related apps in the app stores!

Get the Moe Camera App for iOS here.

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