Leading 30 in Cosplay Idol Europe Album D (August 5, 2011)

The competition is over in just a couple of days, even hours and with the tension heating up, everyone is excited to see who is leading in each album. For this album, after all the votes and tallies, I now present the leading 30 cosplayers for Europe Group D as of August 5, 2011

Voting for other groups is still open so you can head out to the official Facebook page to cheer them on. Always stay tuned to the site and to the page for other announcements regarding the competition.

Congratulations to the cosplayers included in this list, you guys deserved this honor.

Let us now start counting down to the top.


30. Cristiana Amicozzi as Boa Hancock from “One Piece”

Country: Italy
My comments: I wrote the feature for the OP entry and I shall say it again, this is one sexy Hancock

One Piece Cosplay - Boa Hancock

29. Karolina Semaskaite as King Kazuma from “Summer Wars”

Country: Lithuania
My comments: I am not actually familiar with this series as it was not really popular from my end but honestly, this made me think this was a Digimon- Pokemon hybrid character. But I admire the cosplay, I bet its hot wearing that headprop to look like the character.

Summer Wars Cosplay - King Kazuma

28. Denis as Alice from “Pandora Hearts”

Country: Czech Republic
My comments: I like the photo as the ambiance fits the character very well.

Pandora Hearts Cosplay - Alice

27. Kitty Eley as Rikku from “Final Fantasy X-2”

Country: United Kingdom
My comments: For a second there, I thought I was looking at Kylie Minogue. The pose confused me XD

Final Fantasy X-2/ Kingdom Hearts Cosplay - Rikku

26. Flakes as Kaguya from “Inuyasha”

Country: Germany
My comments: Despite her role as a villain, Kaguya has one of the saddest histories I have ever seen on an anime/manga series. The photo is an exact representation of her past, good work to the cosplayer and the photographer

Inuyasha Cosplay - Kagura

25. Francesco La Manna as Oda Nobunaga from “Sengoku: Basara”

Country: Italy
My comments: I bow down in honor for your great craftsmanship for the whole costume. Character wise, Oda Nobunaga’s history is quite tragic but his battles are epic.

Sengoku: Basara Cosplay - Oda Nobunaga

24. Marco Di Renzo as Dracule Mihawk from “One Piece”

Country: Italy
My comments: Like I said with #30, this cosplay is still “Mihawk-worthy” for his position as the best swordsman in all the Grand Line

One Piece Cosplay - Dracule Mihawk

23. Katie Rigelsford as Chaos Vincent from “Final Fantasy VII/ AC/ DoC

Country: United Kingdom
My comments: Convincingly… scary… *shivers*

Final Fantasy VII/AC/DoC Cosplay - Chaos Vincent

22. Anne Arvidsson as Tia Halibel from “Bleach”

Country: Sweden
My comments: Another great and rare Halibel cosplay, the background gave a nice effect

Bleach Cosplay - Tia Halibel

21. Giedrius as Pyramid Head from “Silent Hill: Movie”

Country: Lithuania
My comments: The name really suits the character well… How on earth did you last in a pyramid head?!?!

Silent Hill Cosplay - Pyramid Head

20. Veronika Kuncova as San from “Princess Mononoke”

Country: Czech Republic
My comments: Ahh Miyasaki classic right here!

Princess Mononoke Cosplay - San

19. Johan Rasmus as Shookie Monster/ Cookie Monster from “Sesame Street”

Country: Norway
My comments: Ahh, now you made me want a cookie!

Sesame Street Cosplay- Shookie/Cookie Monster

18. manabi as Anarchy Panty from “Panty & Stockings with Garterbelt”

Country: Germany
My comments: Very sexy but very worthy of goddess like status

Panty & Stockings with Garterbelt Cosplay Anarchy Panty

17. Riuu as Sebastian Michaelis from “Kuroshitsuji”

Country: Czech Republic
My comments: All I can say with the photo is… AWWW, the devil butler is being emo!!!

Kuroshitsuji Cosplay - Sebastian Michaelis

16. Mandy Seidler as Amaterasu from “Okami”

Country: Germany
My comments: One rarely sees Okami cosplays and even representations of its characters, I like this

Okami Cosplay - Amaterasu

15. Ryuu Seika as Sarah Farron from “Final Fantasy XIII”

Country: France
My comments: Elle est jolie et mignonne… Le photo est magnifique!

Final Fantasy XIII Cosplay - Sarah Farron

14. Tom Johnson as Vincent Valentine from “Final Fantasy VII/AC/DoC

Country: England
My comments: They should cast you as the live action character for Vincent should they make the live action movie next

Final Fantasy VII/AC/DoC Cosplay - Vincent Valentine

13. Hina Artaloytia as Shion Kaito from “Vocaloid: Setsugetsuka”

Country: Spain
My comments: I love your cosplay so much! Kyaaaa!! Kaitoooo!!! I like the costume a lot! Please teach meeee!

Vocaloid: Setsugetsuka Cosplay - Shion Kaito

12. Alexandra Gilbert as Neytiri from “Avatar”

Country: South England
My comments: I never actually saw the movie but I saw trailers, it is very accurate. Change the background if you can once you try this cosplay again

Avatar Cosplay - Neytiri

11. Veronica Ceccherini as Rasler Heios Nabradia from “Final Fantasy XII”

Country: Italy
My comments: Worthy in an artbook

Final Fantasy XII Cosplay - Rasler Heios Nabradia

10. Ayuko Cosplay as Lightning from “Final Fantasy XIII”

Country: France
My comments: Another worthy photo in the artbook. Elle est mysterieuse

Final Fantasy XIII Cosplay - Lightning

9. Lucille as Magdala Curtain from “D.Gray-man”

Country: Italy
My comments: I only saw this character once, but it looks really regal

D.Gray-man Cosplay - Magdala Curtain

8. Ivy as Sagittarius from “Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas”

Country: Spain
My comments: This costume seems hard, I commend cosplayers with hard costumes and handmade ones at that.

Saint Seiya Cosplay - Sagittarius

7. Jess Betts as Sebastian Michaelis from “Kuroshitsuji”

Country: United Kingdom
My comments: Sebby will be proud with this portrait!

Kuroshitsuji Cosplay - Sebastian Michaelis

6. Lisard as Aeon from “Castlevania: Judgement”

Country: Italy
My comments: This series is quite intriguing and challenging on the games, nice cosplay as well!

Castlevania Cosplay - Aeon

5. Tatiana Motta as Rosa Joanna Farrel from “Final Fantasy IV”

Country: Italy
My comments: Its great to see the Amano sketches brought to life

Final Fantasy IV Cosplay- Rosa Joanna Farrel

4. Lexi Farron Strife as Yoko Littner from “Gurren Lagann”

Country: France
My comments: C’est comme je vois une vraie photo de Yoko (It is like I am seeing a real photo of Yoko)

Gurren Lagann Cosplay - Yoko Littner

3. Emiliano Pesce as Tony Stark/ Iron Man from “Iron Man”

Country: Italy
My comments: Uh… Am I seeing the real thing? You look like Robert Downey Jr.!

Iron Man Cosplay - Tony Stark/ Iron Man

2. Onirica from Princess Sakura/Tsubasa from “Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles”

Country: Spain
My comments: I believe this gown is from the photo in the second artbook, how much was this? I really wanna try this cosplay for a while now. Tweet me!

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Cosplay - Princess Sakura/ Tsubasa

1. Naga Zmeyuka as Banshee from “Disciples 2”

Country: Russia
My comments: Capping the list is Banshee. I am not really familiar with the series but as I look at it, it looks like a Snow Queen- Banshee. The location, the effects and the cosplay totally fits. Congratulations!

Disciples 2 Cosplay - Banshee

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