Top 20 Sexy Male Cosplayer Photos – (Intern Nin’s Pick from the Otaku House Cosplay Idol)

#10 – Kaito (Black Rock Shooter)

– Tin Tin (Vietnam)

We definitely won’t mind if this hottie decides to chain the girls up. His well-build physique makes me want to poke his abs to feel how hard it is.

#9 – Jecht (Final Fantasy Dissidia)

– Elffi (Finland)

He didn’t become a finalist for nothing. He probably had girls tripping over him and voting for him like mad. His thick biceps and abs, along with the scar lines match how Jecht really looks as an anime character.

#8 – Kaname Tosen (Bleach)

– Marius (France)

Cool personality? Check. Biceps? Check. Total hotness? Check. What more could we possibly want?

#7 – Goku (Dragon Ball Z)

– Alex Gaiati (Italy)

Looking strong even after a tough fight. Alex portrays that excellently. Awesome hair, awesome ripped clothes, awesome bloody body. Be careful now, the girls might even rip off your pants too.

#6 – Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist)

– 18Fly (France)

Awesome make-up made the realistic scars on his chest. 18Fly looks like Edward all grown up and damn, has he grown to be a fine young man.

#5 – Jecht (Final Fantasy 10 & Dissidia)

– Saud AlHazzani (Saudi Arabia)

We’ve seen a muscular Jecht. How about a slim and slender version of Jecht? Saud portrays a softer and friendlier side of Jecht, don’t you think? His slim but strong physique is still H-O-T.

#4 – Dino (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

– Bò (Vietnam)

The only word that managed to escape my lips when I first saw this was “Whoa…” If you thought Dino was hot, Bo is hawt. His collar bone, his fixated glance, his seductive lips. They all spell Sexy with a capital S.

#3 – Battle Damaged Vizard Ichigo (Bleach)

– Living Ichigo (North American)

Ripped clothes against a muscular build. No doubt does that bring you to edge closer to your computer screen to scan every detail of this cosplay (mostly his naked body).

#2 – Zero Kiryu (Vampire Knight)

– Alexander Hawkins (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Oh, his tall and slim body would make anyone crazy, both female humans and female vampires. I’m not sure if Alexander is portraying Zero as a vampire already, but if he showed me his vampire teeth, I would gladly let him sink into my neck.

Ladies, I now present to you the hottest male cosplayer (of my own opinion).

#1 – Tidus (Dissidia 012)

– Leon Chiro (Europe)

Tidus in Dissidia 012 appears to be a pretty boy with muscles. Leon Chiro, however, turns Tidus into a manly man with muscles. You can easily count the six packs on his abs! With his left arm tightly wrapped, he shows off his biceps. Ladies just have one request for Leon. To be carried in his arms.

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