Making a great Cosplay: Why Photographers Matter

Anyone involved in the cosplay community can attest to the wide range of talent on offer. Cosplay is still a very personal form of expression, especially when outfits are made by hand, and that connection leads to some truly inspirational work.

However, it’s easy to forget that cosplay (especially when consumed on the internet) is actually a two way artistic process. The great unsung hero of the cosplay world is that of the Photographer, an artist with perhaps an even greater effect on the photographic outcome than the cosplayer themselves.

The cosplay I do is focused very much on the photographs

The reason for this discussion is not to try to elevate one member of the pairing above the other, to try and do so is pointless and even damaging. It’s simply to advise that when creating a costume planning who you might like to take the photos can only benefit you. I know from personal experience since the cosplay I do is focused very much on the photographs.

I’m quite shy in cosplay so I find it much easier to pose for the camera and put my emotion into that rather then roleplay. It is due to this that I’ve learned to respect the work of photographers because if it wasn’t for them (and particularly my primary photographer RavenBlakh) cosplay wouldn’t have nearly the same appeal it does.

Communication is Key

In my view communication between cosplayer and photographer is one of the things that will elevate a good cosplay photo into a great one. Because of this often the best people to turn to when you’re in need of a photographer are friends. You never know which of your group may have a secret passion for the lens! Simply being relaxed in each others presence can never be overrated- especially if you’re the kind of person who feels awkward posing for someone you’ve never met before.

I’ve learnt time and time again that photography is a far cry from simply pointing the camera at something and clicking. It can open up a level of emotion and expression which is dormant even to the cosplayer themselves. The most important thing to remember is that when you’re looking through all the awesome cosplayers on Otaku House there are an equal number of awesome photographers allowing it all to happen.

– All photos taken by RavenBlakh and all cosplays are done by the author.

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