How to Cosplay on a Low Budget

So countless times, I have seen people comparing themselves and there cosplays to other people. When honestly they Shouldn’t. Cosplaying should be about having a good time, and having fun doesn’t mean spend a good 600.00 on a single cosplay. No that is not how it works.  Not everyone has the money to be spending on Cosplay alone, around the world people are facing financial troubles. So finding the problem, of wanting to cosplay but not having the funds is always a problem in this day an age. What I want to show you is that you can look Simply amazing with simple steps, and not making a dent in your wallet. So since this is my first article, I will start with places you could go to buy material, for Cosplay, Props, etc.

Looking like a Million Dollars, without making a dent in your wallet.

My favorite places to go are: Swap meets, Goodwill, and Garage sells. Trust me, you will be surprised what kind of things you can find in places you never think of going to go shop. I few people i know go to fabric stores and spend a good $80.00 on 10 yards of fabric, when i go to Swap meets, and get 25 yards for $15.00. Simple, and sometime we come to problem, is that (are there Swap Meets where i live?)

Don’t ask me go Google It! There should be at least 1 in your area, or a few miles from your area. Money well spent, Swap Meets are a gold mine for finding props, and sometimes the fabric sellers let you have a piece of fabric to see if that is what you want. Example: I didnt know which shade of blue i wanted and what color matched this photo i saw online, and Me being the usual forgetful one, forgot to print it out or save it on my phone, i asked the man if i could have a small piece to compare, and he was happily willing to give me a small square.

Feel more comfortable to shop at a Fabric stores. Well look online for specials, and Coupons, you will be surprised when they have sales, and special offers.

My First Article what do you guys think? Remember small changes, can not only save you money but make you look amazing!

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