Cosplayers Around the World Feature : Aotenshi from The Netherlands

3. What is your next cosplay project?

I am now working on Litchi Faye Ling from Blazblue and Nina from Breath of Fire II and I hope I’ll be able to finish it in august. I am very excited since this will be my first time making wings!! Some dreamcosplays I have are Meru from Legend of Dragoon (:Q__) and Shamanized Nina from BoFII (:Q____). But first I need a little bit more experience…!

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4. What is your most memorable cosplay?

Memorable experiences in costume making eh….? Well actually that are mostly experiences I am trying to forget like cutting the wrong pattern, trying to use isolation foam (which doesn’t dry because it is over 25 degrees -.-) etc.etc.

5. What are some advice you would like to give to cosplay newbies?

Ehm, advice for cosplay newbies…I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that cosplay is about having fun ^^.  It is never meant to be an obligation or a competition (at least in my perspective). If you are afraid to start on a costume because you have no idea where to begin, just look up some cosplay tutorials on deviantart of google, they really can give you a hand. If you are afraid to begin because you don’t know how to sew, ask your mother, grandmother or friend to teach you the basics, or take a course. And if you don’t know anyone who would like to go cosplaying together with you, don’t worry since you’ll certainly meet some new friends on conventions…if you really want to start cosplaying, just do it!! ^^

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