Collection of cool Anime Men with Eyepatches

Another old collection of mine for sharing.

It’s not what you can see, it is what you cannot see behind that dark curtain. Be it your trusted companion gorging out your eye and eating it, or the valiant sacrifice for a friend’s life; that black veil is a patch that can barely contain the deep suffering of the tragic soul. (YES I love tortured souls)

Indeed, that eyepatch is the secret weapon to turning a boy into a man when designing a character.

Behind every one of their eyepatches, there is a secret tale of pain; of sacrifice; of danger; and of what turned them into damn cool anime guys that makes this otaku girl’s heart go ‘boom boom boom’ 🙂

Some notable eye-patched anime men I remember.

Anime : Full Metal Alchemist
Character : Roy Mustang

Comments : One of my personal Top 5 Favorite anime guys of all time looked even cooler and plagued with sadness after putting on that eyepatch.

Full Metal Alchemist : Roy Mustang

Anime : Gundam 00
Character : Lockon Stratos

Comments : The eyepatch gives Lockon a serious side, and sings of the grief that torments his soul.

Gundam 00 : Lockon Stratos

Anime : Tsubasa Chronicle
Character : Fye D. Flourite

Comments : Fye became my favourite character in the series after he dropped his mask of laughter and shows his tormented side with that eyepatch.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle : Fye D. Flourite

Anime : Gintama
Character : Takasugi Shinsuke

Comments : The raging black beast of revenge resides behind his bandaged eye, making him look all the more dangerous.

Gintama : Takasugi Shinsuke

Anime : Tsubasa Chronicle
Character : ‘Dark’ Syaoran

Comments : I hated Syaoran clone for being so damn wholesome, but this Syaoran looked so cool and mysterious with that eyepatch.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle : Syaoran

Anime : Kuroshitsuji
Character : Ciel Phantomhive

Comments : That eyepatch is what I’m talking about when I say it turns a boy into a man.

Kuroshitsuji : Ciel Phantomhive

Anime : Naruto
Character : Hatake Kakashi

Comments : And the secret behind Kakashi’s hidden Sharingan is the mystery that makes everyone love him.

Naruto : Hatake Kakashi

Anime : Bleach
Character : Zaraki Kenpachi

Comments : That eyepatch accentuates how violently insane he is.

Bleach : Zaraki Kenpachi

Anime : D.Grayman
Character : Lavi

Comments : That eyepatch hints of a secret story of a battle long past.

D.Grayman : Lavi

Anime : Vampire Knight
Character : Yagari Touga

Comments : A vampire hunter with an eyepatch. Not as cool as Zero but you can imagine how much less cool he would have been without that patch.

Vampire Knight : Yagari Touga

Anime : D.Grayman
Character : Cross Marian

Comments : The enigmatic general looks mysterious with half of his face covered by the white mask-like thing.

D.Grayman : Marian Cross

Anime : Air Gear
Character : Akito Wanjima

Comments : Now sometimes, the eyepatches are used to flip the personality switch…

Air Gear : Akito Wanjima / Agito Wanjima

Air Gear : Akito / Agito Wanjima

Anime : Bleach
Character : Nnoitra

Comments : …And other times, they may be used to cover holes… Eyepatch to patch up the eye.

Bleach : Noitra

Anime : Naruto
Character : Danzo

Comments : Huh?? Why is this old geezer here?! Get the dumbass off the list!!

Naruto : Danzo

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