ANA Pokemon Airplane

Hello everybody, I’m Yoshi Nin, and am here to share my experience on the All Nippon Airways Pokemon Airplane!

Last week, I went to Japan for my summer holidays at Hokkaido, and transited at Tokyo Narita Airport to Chitose Airport. It’s a relatively short distance domestic flight, so you can imagine my surprise as I walked towards the plane to find out that I was gonna board a Boeing 777-300 jet. And above it all, it’s splattered all over with my favorite Pokemon characters!

Check out the pictures I took!

My first view of the big yellow plane. Hrmm.. those characters look kinda familiar…

All Nippon Airways Pokemon Jet at Tokyo Airport

I looked through the window of the corridor and hey! I knew it, it’s Pokemon!!

All Nippon Airways Pokemon Airplane at Tokyo Airport

I was shuffled into the plane by the passengers before I could take more photos. I half expected the interior of the plane to be fully Pokemon themed. But the only hints of Pokemon in the plane were underwhelming headrest covers on the plane seats. I posed for a picture with it!

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