11 Anime Robots That Could Become A Reality Soon

6. Usagi and Hitsuji from Karneval

These rabbits and sheeps help out with the cleaning, maintaining, and the daily chores on the ship. Look, they even brush your hair and make you look pretty! They also work together to make sure the ship is safe. Usagi and Hitsuji could go berserk so you should never ever mess with them! Since they are able to recognise human happiness, fitting them together with this new technology will make them the best babysitter/ house-sitter/ security guards! Also, they are fluffy and adorable!

7. No-Sense from Coppelion

No-Sense is probably the most similar to our Kirobo because he is loaded with an AI that allows him to think and behave on his own. Also, he provides an alternative for people who prefer robot butlers. What’s more, No-Sense is quite a sensitive robot who feels that he is named as such so that he could have many feelings. That’s really sweet! He’s great for all sorts of menial labour, household chores, and being a counsellor!

8. Astro Boy

Our favourite robot boy hero! Yes, what if this cute robot is real?! Fight crimes and protect society! Astro Boy had a sad past when his father, scientist Dr. Tenma (or Dr. Astor Boyton II in English dubs) created him to replace his dead son, Tobio, then sent him away because Astro Boy couldn’t fill the void. But he took him back and treated him like his real son. Maybe with Kirobo’s technology, he could become an alternative for couples who cannot conceive children but don’t want a surrogate! In any case, Astro Boy will bring joy to many people if he were to be real!

9. Doraemon

The robot cat from the future who is like a genie! Though he doesn’t have ears (like how Hello Kitty does not have a mouth) and does not say “meow” like every cat, he can pull out everything and anything you wish for from the pocket on his belly! His futuristic contraptions and items perform some really cool abilities and have out-of-this-world functions, like the invisible cape, and the cap that lets Nobita fly around. I mean, this is warping the fabric of reality. But the future is now, if Kirobo is possible, Doraemon could be real! I think Doraemon would be great for people who are allergic to fur and who love convenience. Oh, and they only have to feed him his favourite dorayaki.

10. Chamber from Suisei no Gargantia

Chamber is fitted with AI and basically acts like an auto-pilot version of a Gundam. In the anime, it acts as a translator for Ledo, which is very useful for us now because everyone wants to communicate. Be it to watch your favourite anime without subtitles, to read your manga Japanese, or even to write to fellow otaku penpals, Chamber would be very useful! Other than that, Chamber could also help with construction and dive into oceans to salvage wrecks and help with search-and-rescue. Also, this screenshot – ’nuff said. The safety of your lives are guaranteed.

11. Chi Motosuwa from Chobits

She is a humanoid who is almost exactly like a real human! When she finds the Person Just For Her, all the other persocoms (shortened from “personal computer”) in the world would also be able to experience emotions and love. She is almost like Night from Absolute Boyfriend but love has to be learned and experienced by her first. Chi could be helpful for boys or men who want to learn how to be good lovers, or she could be surrogate sister to orphans, or even be a nurse! Her appearance and impression she gives to people is that of a vulnerable and kind girl, so in these contexts, Chi would be perfect!

So are you excited? Do you worry that one day these robots will take over our world? Or do you want to be a part of them? What about ninja robots?! Let us know your feelings and also tell us, which character(s) you would like to make into a robotic reality?