10 Types of Anime Girlfriends

Are you single? Ready to mingle with a Pringle but you don’t know what type of girlfriend you like? How about the ladies? Which type of girlfriend are you?

1. Tsundere

This is the I-made-this-for-you-because-I-want-to-not-because-I-like-you-baka category. Basically, girls like these act all tough on the outside like, they say mean stuff to their crushes or punch them whenever they get nervous around them, but they are actually really sweet and caring on the inside. However, tsundere girls are hard to get because usually, the person of their affection becomes really confused as to whether he should court/confess to her. This is probably the most common type of anime girl you’ll see even if you only watch a few animes. Here’s one example of a tsundere girl, Louise de la Valliere from Zero no Tsukaima.

Tsundere girlfriends will most probably be the sweetest, girly-est, and just all-round a great girlfriend. Because there is no need to hide feelings for each other now that you guys are an item. Maybe they will be all shy and tsundere-ish again when you guys hang out with friends – and I think that would be a plus for their cuteness.

2. Yandere

Yandere girls are the somewhat opposite of the tsundere girls. They tend to be really violent and, most often, they show their feelings for the person of their affections… by murdering anyone who hurts them. But they do it out of love, so they’re not all that psychopathic (I think) – or at least they have a reason. For this category, Juvia Lockser from Fairy Tail is a perfect example of yandere. She just goes apesh*t crazy for Gray.

Yandere girlfriends are probably the overprotective/over-possessive typical girlfriends you see in real life (except that in real life they don’t really kill people) (or maybe some do…). If you’re a guy who likes to be protected, the yandere girlfriend is for you. She’ll probably feed you the portion of Russia, buy you new clothes that she thinks you look good in even if they’re not your style, and stops all the cars before allowing you to cross the road. All of that and some violence and threats. Sounds good.(?)

(Special mention to the Queen of yandere, Yuno Gasai from “Mirai Nikki”.)

3. Kuudere

Well, this is an interesting one. Kuudere girls are the kinds that are super cool on the outside, maybe even emotionless, but they are on par or even above the tsundere girls when it comes to their person of affection. These girls are usually emotionally strong, or indifferent as some might say, not only that, they are also serious. They will protect and care for their person of affection on the sidelines like a guardian angel, you know, typical cool/aloof trait. But most probably, they’ll fangirl inside like all other girls when it comes to confession. Felli Loss from Chrome-Shelled Regios would be the girl for kuudere.

Kuudere girlfriends will be the coolest (of course) and the nicest kind, in my opinion. They are interesting because they have this cold exterior but a warm personality that can be very comfortable and fascinating at the same time. Like on one side is this ice queen, but on the other side is a fawning little kitten! When you have a kuudere girlfriend, it will be like peeling the layers off an onion, a surprise with every layer. And discovering something new is one of the things that keep relationships going.

4. Dandere

This type of girl is a really rare one to find in real life. Dandere girls are just painfully, painfully shy. Yes, they are so shy it hurts. When it comes to the person they like, they freeze or stutter. But these girls are quite determined in their own ways, making their person of affection recognise them and their abilities as a person. A more down-to-earth personality than the tsundere and yandere girls. These girls will most probably faint or cry in shock if they get a confession. Best example of a dandere girl is Hyuuga Hinata from Naruto.

Dandere girlfriends might take a while – or even forever – to not be shy around their person of affection. But they are genuine and absolutely selflessly caring toward their partners. However, being their boyfriends will be a hard one because they are so sensitive to how you feel and what you think of them. So, advice for you guys who like dandere girls/have dandere girlfriends: hold back a lot, then slowly let it out, before getting straight to the point. Also these girls make you become more sensitive towards other people.

5. Moekko

This is the moe-ish type of girls who makes people want to protect them from anything. They seem like the vulnerable and weak ones, usually with the soft voice and eyes that are ready to cry. But like the dandere girls, they also try their best to be recognised by their peers and especially with their crush. What is not quite like the tsundere and dandere girls, the moekko girls have child-like tendencies that really makes people want to shield them from all the harm and dangers of the world. A more moderate moekko girl would be Hirasawa Yui from K-On!.

Moekko girlfriends are somewhat like… a pet. Feed them, they become happy. Give them gifts, they become happy. Compliment them, they become happy. They seem to be easily satisfied and carefree as long as you pay attention to them. But maybe most of them are crybabies, so it could be difficult for some awkward guys to console them. (Hint: give them a hug – always works.) But they will also go the extra mile for their boyfriends; feeding them, giving them gifts, compliment them, etc. Pretty much a good girlfriend if they don’t cry so much.

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