Kazuya Bunshin No Jutsu (It’s Me! It’s Me! Ore Ore Movie Review)

For instance, the setting where Hitoshi lives is an industrial, lower/middle income neighborhood, which in one scene, features an unexplained chemical waste-like substance running into the streets (could this be the cause of the ‘multiplication mutation’?), is just one of numerous examples. Doesn’t make sense? But this could just be the general weirdness of things, which give viewers an inexplicable impression of mutual coherence, if one is willing to suspend disbelief.

A nevertheless entertaining film, judging from the giggles it induces in my fellow female audiences. One might also appreciate the versatility of Kamenashi, who plays all the various copies of “me”, each with their own distinct characters, across age and gender! Those familiar with the director’s (Satoshi Miki) previous works, will know what to expect in this latest piece, which is filled with his hall-mark eccentricities.

– It’s Me! It’s Me! movie review by MoneyAss Law

Ore Ore (It’s Me! It’s Me!) movie opens in Singapore theatres on 24 October 2013.