Anime Festival Asia 2010 coverage by Zack

News came off the streets that youths were gathering for a major gang fight on 12th-14th Nov at the Suntec City Convention Center, and Zack zoomed in on the action!

Armed with ‘parangs’ and large magical weapons and tattoos on their body, this group of strange-haired youths declined to comment on which gang they belong to, but mentioned something about saving the world of “Cocoon”  from the evil government “The Sanctum”.

Wielding outlandish weapons and armed with long multi-coloured hair, this angelic couple looks ready to take on any fight.

Violence has already broken out in some areas. The situation turns ugly as various gang clashed. Where’s the police?

Some tried to appease the tension by offering FREE HUGS. “Make peace! Not War!”, this individual chanted.

Others just tried to act cute and hope the gangsters leave them alone.

Konata took the opportunity to steal food!

Unfortunately, this girl was so “petrified” by fear that she can’t move. Hah hah.

* A big thank you to Zack for submitting this article. (Apparently he lives in his own world…) – Madao