[Showcase] Top Ciel Phantomhive Cosplay from Cosplay Idol 2011

Mitsuki-chan (Vietnam)

Like what I said in the prelims for the Asian division, this pretty much sums up Ciel’s Earl position. This can also pass up as his official portrait.

Sochii (Singapore)

*tries to close eyes* nooo must not look with puppy eyes with this photo! Although he looks deadly calm and emotionless, looking up makes him adorable! Nooo!!! Loving the colors and the eyes! NOOOHH *faints due to awesomeness*

Harasawa Hiiragi (Indonesia)

Another cool photo of Ciel!!! This reminds me so much of Sebastian’s famous pose with his gloves … or was that the other anime who wears gloves… hmm. Anyway, perfect photo! Can I have an autograph??

Kureru (Thailand)

Wah! Ciel looks delish in this! I have seen many of the Lady versions and the ones in this list were really delish! This one reminds me of an innocent princess greeting her prince.

Lishrayder (Vietnam)

Ah! Like the semis, I love this photo a lot! Cool Ciel acting all mighty while eating cookies. I wish I could see Sebby’s expression while you did this… but that cookie looks mighty tasty

Jeyel Tecson (Philippines)

Cant say much except this is an awesome Ciel take. I do remember this photo from the semis when I did the listing and I must admit this is one of the best Ciels I have seen. Full body!!

Dan Gyokuei (Vietnam)

Definitely one of my favorite cosplays of Ciel with the flower accents, the background, everything! It makes you see the Yin and Yang of the whole photo, a mixture of life and darkness, being entwined through one person and that is Ciel.

Francisco Borquez (Chile)

I said it before, I will say it again… I WANT THE BLUE VIOLIN!!! Topping the list is this Ciel cosplay from Chile. The place makes you think Ciel’s performing for an orchestra of sorts and the blue costume and violin is definitely a Black Butler statement! I want that Violin!!! Congratulations!