Leading 30 in Cosplay Idol Europe Group B – 9 June 2011



Less than 2 months to the end of the Otaku House Cosplay Idol Qualifying Round, and we are just dying to know who’s leading right now. So hehold! The vote update for Otaku House Cosplay Idol Europe Group (B) is here!

Tsukuyo gives us a quick update on who’s leading in this album (by the number of votes)! Here are the current Top 30 out of 200 as of today 08 June 2011.

This is not the end! There is still time to make the difference so if your favorite cosplayer is not here, or if you want to bump up the votes of one of them here, vote for them here. Remember, only the Top 5 in this album will make it to the Finals, held in September 2011!

If you’d like to join the contest, click here for more information. Don’t worry, you’ll be in another block (currently, that would be Group D), so you won’t be pitting yourself against the below cosplayers until you see each other in the Finals!

The current 30 leading contestants are ranked below is descending order.



30. Cristina Poli as Rachel Alucard from “BlazBlue”

Country : Italy, Tuscany
My comments : Great setting for the photo!

BlazBlue Cosplay – Rachel Alucard

29. Carrie Beckett as Nekobus from “Totoro”

Country : England
My comments : LOL isn’t this creative!

Totoro Cosplay – Neko bus

28. Aiden Gabriel Mort as Roxas from “Kingdom Hearts II”

Country : United Kingdom, Surrey
My comments : Roxas does kagebunshin (see below)

Kingdom Hearts II Cosplay – Roxas

27. Omar Guarducci as Roxas from “Kingdom Hearts II”

Country : Italy, Livorno
My comments : 2 Roxas’s side by side! Or am I seeing double? : )

Kingdom Hearts II Cosplay – Roxas

26. Yuan Helo as Anarchy Panty from “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt”

Country : France, Paris
My comments : Ah. Panty.

Panty, Stocking and Garterbelt Cosplay – Anarchy Panty

25. Holly Gallagher as Witch from “Left 4 Dead”

Country : England
My comments : I don’t understand why there are so many Witch cosplayers. The Witch freaks me out. -shudders-

Left 4 Dead Cosplay – Witch

24. Becky Johnston as Celty Sturluson from “Durarara!!”

Country : United Kingdom, Warrington
My comments : Biker cat!

Durarara! Cosplay – Celty Sturluson

23. Anshie as Cheshire Cat from “Pandora Hearts”

Country : Germany, Frankfurt
My comments : Another cat!

Pandora Hearts Cosplay – Cheshire Cat

22. Stante Alessandro as War Machine from “Iron Man 2”

Country : Italy, Turin
My comments : Amazing armor. Now fly!

Iron Man Cosplay – Warmachine

21. Jennifer Violet as Bayonetta from “Bayonetta”

Country : Italy
My comments : Sexy mama!

Bayonetta Cosplay

20. Pamela Colnaghi as Lum from “Urusei Tatsura”

Country : Italy
My comments : Nice and fluffy

Yatsura Lum Urusei Cosplay

19. Francesco Sanseverino as Joker from “Batman”

Country : Italy, Turin
My comments : The make up looks like it took time.

Batman Cosplay – Joker

18. Leslie Isabel Patriarchi as Haruno Sakura from “Naruto”

Country : Italy, Rome
My comments : Somehow, I am so happy this got into the top 30! I loved the fan art of Sakura as Akatsuki.

Naruto Cosplay – Haruno Sakura (Akatsuki)

17. Kimi Martens as Haseo form “.hack//G.U.”

Country : Belgium, Limburg
My comments : Check out the blade!

.hack//G.U. Cosplay – Haseo

16. Laura Salviani as Asuka Soryuu Langley from “Neon Genesis Evangelion”

Country : France, Paris
My comments : You can’t go wrong with that plugsuit

Neon Genesis Evangelion Cosplay – Asuka Langley

15. Benjamin Level  as Captain Jack Sparrow from “Pirates of the Carribbean”

Country : France, Boulogne
My comments : Jack looks drunk here.

Pirates of the Carribean Cosplay – Captain Jack Sparrow

14. Giuseppe Lamonica as Sebastian Michaelis from “Kuroshitsuji”

Country : Italy, Como
My comments : The knives go flying after this picture was clicked.

Kuroshitsuji Cosplay – Sebastian Michaelis

13. Charlotte Johnston from Kuja “Final Fantasy IX”

Country : United Kingdom, Warrington
My comments : The moon was an awesome touch to enhance this picture!

Final Fantas IX Cosplay – Kuja

12. SweetAngel as Yoko Littner from “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan”

Country : Italy, Treviso
My comments : I loovee these Yoko cosplayers

Gurren Lagaan Cosplay – Yoko Littner

11. Marco Del Castello as Howl Jenkins Pendragon from “Howl’s Moving Castle”

Country : Italy, Verona
My comments : Check out Calcifer! It’s awesome

Howl’s Moving Castle Cosplay – Howl Jenkins Pendragon

10. Pini Diego as Predator Tracker from “Predator”

Country : Italy, Lodi
My comments : The costume making is so epic!

Predator Cosplay – Predator Tracker

09. Sunita Sunymao Zucca as Uriko from “Bloody Roar”

Country : Italy, Rimini
My comments : MEOW!

Bloody Roar Cosplay – Uriko

08. Pandora-Sama as Edward Scissorhands from “Edward Scissorhands”

Country : France
My comments : Looks just like him, no?

Edward Scissorhands Cosplay

07. Sakura Flame as Arika Yumemiya from “Mai Otome”

Country : France
My comments : Ah. This is the first time I saw a cosplayer do this version. Love the prop!

Mai Otome Cosplay – Arika Yumemiya (Sapphire of the Azure Sky)

06. Marius as Tosen Kaname from “Bleach”

Country : France
My comments : This looks right out of the anime.

Bleach Cosplay – Tousen Kaname

05. Clef as Tinkerbell from “Peter Pan”

Country : France
My comments : Sweeet!

Peter Pan Cosplay – Tinkerbell

04. Nausicaa Bottan as Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck from “Bleach”

Country : Italy, Milan
My comments : The only resurrection version of Nel cosplay in this contest. In fact the only one I have seen so far. Epic or what!

Bleach Cosplay – Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck (Ressurection version)

03. Gabriella Orefice as Elcadia from “Lineage II”

Country :Italy, Naples
My comments : Everything is good about this : )

Lineage II Cosplay – Elcadia

02. Nicholas Ico Cousson as Captain Jack Sparrow from “Pirates of the Carribbean”

Country : France
My comments : We saw a drunk Jack. Now there’s a somber one.

Pirates of the Carribean Cosplay – Captain Jack Sparrow


If you’d like to join the contest, click here for more information. You’ll be entered into another album where the Top 5 will enter the Finals in September 2011.


01. Anna Sances as Seth Nightroad from “Trinity Blood”

Country : Italy, Lucca
My comments : This is so epic that it looks just like a painting.

Trinity Blood Cosplay – Seth Nightroad