Top 30 in Cosplay Idol in South America A

The Finals is almost here and well, the South American blocks have ended for voting. But before the official finalists are released, let us know who are the Top 30 faces who are vying for the Top 10 slots to be included in the Finals from this block as of last week. The competition is quite tough and most are neck to neck with one another but I am happy to say that even if that is the case, these guys deserve their positions. Can’t wait for the official finalists to be announced next week!

Now, the competition is yet to end for the European blocks so keep rooting for your picks.

To the top 30, congratulations on making the final list! To the top 5 who will make it once the voting ends, your battle is far from over. Nevertheless, I would give you a big cheer for making this list.

Let us now begin the countdown for the Top 30 South American Cosplayers for this year’s Otaku House Cosplay Idol Set A!


30. Azulette as Maria Renard from “Castlevania Judgment”

Country: Mexico
My comments: At first I pitied the owl… reminds me too much of Hedwig, but after that, I actually like the effect. Fits the character very well and since the other extras are blurred out, you can very much appreciate the character.

Castlevania Judgment Cosplay - Maria Renard

29. Alonso Quesada as Vincent Valentine from “Final Fantasy VII”

Country: Costa Rica
My comments: Good pose and nice gun, looks real!

Final Fantasy VII Cosplay - Vincent Valentine

28. Fabian Herrera as Alucard from “Hellsing”

Country: Equador
My comments: He looks too real and with that, he looks completely insane and scary.

Hellsing Cosplay - Alucard

27. K-Oz as Mugi from “K-On!”

Country: El Salvador
My comments: The star was a little awkward but it looks like the real Mugi

K-On! Cosplay - Mugi

26. Hector Hernandez as Master Chief from “Halo”

Country: El Salvador
My comments: Somebody just ripped out this guy out of the game, now tell me who did it!

Halo Cosplay - Master Chief

25. Brayan Marchena as Jack Skellingtom from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Country: Costa Rica
My comments: At first I thought this photo was showing a figurine or stuffed toy of Jack because of the background and the sand thing.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Cosplay - Jack Skellington

24. Jimmy Chow as RX-93-V2 Hi-V Gundam from “Mobile Suite Gundam: Beltorchika’s Children”

Country: Nicaragua
My comments: I am not familiar of this MSGundam Series, but everytime I see a Gundam cosplay; I always love seeing them. Brings me back to my childhood

Mobile Suit Gundam: Beltorchika's Children Cosplay - RX-93-V2 Hi-V Gundam

23. Juan Reyes as Master Roshi from “Dragonball Z”

Country: Colombia
My comments: Typical Master Roshi *shrugs head*

Dragonball Z Cosplay - Master Roshi

22. Blacky as Kamui Gakupo from “Vocaloid 02”

Country: Argentina
My comments: Staircase effect would have been nice if it was done in a ballroom staircase. But this staircase effect gives it a much darker but cool look.

Vocaloid 02 Cosplay - Kamui Gakupo

21. Nicole as Yoko Littner from “Gurren Lagann”

Country: Brazil
My comments: She looks quite angelic

Gurren Lagann Cosplay - Yoko Littner

20. Haru-chan as Nami (Timeskip Version) from “One Piece”

Country: Argentina
My comments: Same as in the OP Special… I prefer this Nami out of the other versions of her in the first half

One Piece Cosplay - Nami

19. Lauly as Maya Natsume from “Tenjou Tenge”

Country: Argentina
My comments: Been a while since I saw this series, but I can quite imagine this exact pose is perfect for Maya

Tenjou Tenge Cosplay - Maya Natsume

18. D4sm0nster as Moka Akashiya from “Rosario + Vampire”

Country: Argentina
My comments: Wow, two gorgeous girls in the grass in two consecutive ranks… wow

Rosario + Vampire Cosplay - Moka Akashiya

17. Lili Quant as Black Widow from “Iron Man”

Country: El Salvador
My comments: Perfect photo! It should grace a magazine cover if it was sent to one

Iron Man Cosplay - Black Widow

16. Sunny as Hatsune Miku from “Vocaloid 02”

Country: Argentina
My comments: I like this one. Aside from the other versions of Miku which are cosplayed, this one shows the other side of Miku. Somewhat darkish and serious

Vocaloid 02 Cosplay - Hatsune Miku

15. Pablo Santacruz as Grim Ripper from “Juego Guitar Hero”

Country: Ecuador
My comments: I rarely play Guitar Hero but I have seen this character. Good work on the part of the cosplayer to get all the details right!

Juego Guitar Hero Cosplay - Grim Ripper

14. AiKiren as Myobi from “Alichino”

Country: Mexico
My comments: Although the series is somewhat unknown to me, I feel this photo to fit this character very well. I like the effect and location very much

Alichino Cosplay - Myobi

13. Linklex as Link from “The Legend of Zelda”

Country: Mexico
My comments: This character is another regular here in this competition. He looks like he scaled to the top of the tree to look for prey.

The Legend of Zelda Cosplay - Link

12. Anna Delacour as CC from “Code Geass R2”

Country: Argentina
My comments: Wow, this is the C.C that you do not want to mess with. Unless of course if you offer her pizza

Code Geass R2 Cosplay - C.C

11. Eriol-kun as Syaoran from “Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles”

Country: Argentina
My comments: Wind and cape effect makes Syaoran look cool

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles Cosplay - Syaoran

10. Andrew Albero as Asmita from “Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas”

Country: El Salvador
My comments: Lighting, location and emotion exactly makes this photo a great canvas

Saint Seiya Cosplay - Asmita

9. Mai Lingenfelder as Blair from “Soul Eater”

Country: Argentina
My comments: Witches with cool weird hats are often the type that spells danger. But she looks quite regal here.

Soul Eater Cosplay - Blair

8. Grecia Monico as Mio Akiyama from “K-On!”

Country: El Salvador
My comments: If this was not the South American group, I would say she is Japanese

K-On! Cosplay - Mio Akiyama

7. Chii-sama as Shinku from “Rozen Maiden”

Country: Puerto Rico
My comments: She looks like a porcelain doll, those expensive types.

Rozen Maiden Cosplay - Shinku

6. LingLam as Howl from “Howl’s Moving Castle”

Country: Argentina
My comments: Another Miyazaki classic!

Howl's Moving Castle Cosplay - Howl

5. Danu as Princess Sakura from “Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles”

Country: Argentina
My comments: I saw the manga scan which this dress was based on… This cosplayer got it completely!

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Cosplay - Princess Sakura

4. Ana Bertola as Harley Quinn from “Batman: Arkham Asylum”

Country: Argentina
My comments: I like this photo a lot, especially the background. How did you do it?

Batman: Arkham Asylum Cosplay - Harley Quinn

3. Paola Gallo as Maka Albarn from “Soul Eater”

Country: Nicaragua
My comments: School girls are very hard to predict. Especially if they have pointy scythes with them *sweatdrop*

Soul Eater Cosplay - Maka Albarn

2. Mary Alfaro as I-No from “Guilty Gear”

Country: Costa Rica
My comments: Excellent photo and cosplayer! That’s IT!

Guilty Gear Cosplay - I-No

1. Brendaliz as Hatsune Miku from “Vocaloid 02”

Country: Mexico
My comments: This fine Figma figurine *stares more closely* Uh, I mean cosplayer; is the one that tops the South American Group. I seriously fell for the whole figurine effect. Kudos!

Vocaloid 02 Cosplay - Hatsune Miku

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